Why FIFA fans will want to pre-order the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Edition

Yesterday EA Sports confirmed that the FIFA 16 game would have a Tournament mode which was discontinued in FIFA 14 because it was not much used in FIFA13 , but EA sports seem to have the thought about the same and has now confirmed that availability of Tournament mode in FIFA 16. Another feature was the Guest mode which allowed you to play the game in 2 player local co-op mode has also been confirmed.

Can FIFA 16′s Living Pitch get together with Rainbow Six: Siege’s Living Hostage? The hostage could crawl around begging little robot cameras for help, each desperate scrabble dynamically marking and muddying the playing field. Or maybe the marketers who name these things should just date.

I can’t wait to play this game. Seriously! Recent iterations of FIFA have been so good. Simon Kuper writes that “football is best understood as a dance for space”, and FIFA captures that, especially when played head-to-head with another human. It’s as much about real-time tactics, finding angles, creating space and triggering runs as it is the base machinery of passing and shooting.

FIFA fans will want to pre-order the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Edition. Here’s why:

With next-gen consoles fully in swing EA Sports have the perfect opportunity to revitalise offline game modes and revamp an arguably rushed Manager Mode this year.

Career Mode on FIFA hasn’t been at the top of the priorities list for a couple of years now, since the introduction and widespread success of online Ultimate Team, which has seen a decline in popularity for a game mode which has had a cult following since its introduction.
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