The presentation of FIFA 16 remains second to none

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is simply the better experience, particularly as it boasts a much more active player base and a transfer market where you can snap up a bargain should you play your cards right. There’s nothing quite like opening a pack and finding that you’ve got a top in-form player lurking inside. While both PES and FIFA have tournaments and leagues within MyClub and Ultimate Team, it is FIFA’s offerings that stand tall here. FIFA also has the addition of women’s teams for the first time in either series’ history. At the moment that offering is a little lacklustre with just 12 international teams, but it is a start and once again leaves PES 16 on the back foot. The women’s football is well implemented within FIFA with very little difference in terms of gameplay between that and the male side of the game.
When receiving a pass, hold LT/L2 to have your player use his body to protect the ball. With the now far more aggressive defensive AI it's vital that players do this. When in crowded areas of the pitch, getting your player's body between the defender and the ball can buy you a vital couple of seconds to either allow other players to make runs or create gaps to turn into and outfox the overly-eager defence. There’s just as much skill required to beat the top teams that women’s international football has to offer.

Another year, another FIFA. As sure as night becomes day, or radioactive nerds become superheroes, the start of a new football season means the latest installment of many people’s favourite football videogame. But is this year’s title worth spending your hard earned money on yet again? Obviously, some people regularly purchase these annual releases so that they have the best looking version of the game – no judgement, we’re suckers for lovely graphics ourselves – and FIFA 16 delivers the goods. Once again, it predictably outclasses its rival PES 2016 in this regard. PES might have player likenesses, but you’ll do well to find one that’s on a par with the worst character model shown here. The whole game is wrapped in that glorious EA Sports sheen too, which just exudes class.
The presentation of FIFA 16 remains second to none and alongside the Barclays Premier League having full graphics, stadiums and likenesses the Bundesliga from Germany has joined the party. All the stadiums, TV graphics and other niceties from the German league are present. We have to admit we were shocked that Spain was not the second cab off the rank, but it's clear now that EA intends to overhaul one league per season over the course of this console generation. Those of you who are fans of these leagues will find stunning commentary, visual graphics, and realism. Those of you who are fans of other leagues may feel a bit short-changed, but even the generic presentation is top notch.
Better than last year but still in need of a massive overhaul is the Career mode. The introduction of pre-season tournaments over meaningless friendlies is a great addition. At the beginning of each season you can select what tournament you want to enter. Each with its own difficulty and prize money. There are also weekly training drills for up to five squad members which provides a good way to boost your player growth. There are more stat overlays and information on your season progression during match days too. This helps immerse yourself even more in what is happening in your league.
On the other hand, the animations for when you make a play are so repetitive that it almost feels like you’re watching a highlight reel over and over again. Like last year, the ball and the pitch itself look excellent and play really well. The depictions of the various stadiums already did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of a professional soccer venue, and they just keep getting better. Once again, you can play in several of the game’s top stadiums, but some things are just a bit too familiar. Like before, the issue is mostly with the fans – while they get excited and actively respond to the action on the field with chants, cheers, and applause, they’re still mostly too stiff and lacking in detail.
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