The player selection process in FIFA 16 is fun

One of the many criticisms of FIFA has been that it always felt like attacking was the main focus, with little reason to keep possession across the back line or in the midfield. Getting it to your strikers was always the priority and usually the best tactic, but this year things are a little more balanced across the pitch. Keeping the ball moving across midfield, while trying to draw out the opponents is a tactic that has served me well. Once a defender moves out of position, a gap usually appears and a well-timed through-ball (on the ground through-balls seem to be the way to go this year) or use of the new passing with purpose modifier that puts some serious pace on a pass to get it there quickly can often lead you through on goal.
The problem with FIFA 16 is not its gameplay, then, but in pretty much every aspect that surrounds it. First-off, you're forced to play Ultimate Team. That's the one that's basically a trading card game that sees you opening packs to (hopefully) unlock rare players. It seems like a bit of a cynical move on EA's part, and it's a shame because it's a lesser game for it. At it's worst it actually puts you off wanting to make any changes to your team, which is the very definition of counter-productive.

All of this moves the focus away from pace, which, over the course of the year, FIFA 15 did reveal itself to be a little obsessed with. The game disproportion at pier players and punished, well, pretty much everyone else. Bizarrely, the women are treated really rewarded a country on the team select screen, so while no man is an island, apparently that’s not necessarily the case for the opposite sex. Oh and it’s not possible to play as men versus women, because that’s not how football works. You wouldn’t buy Forza 6 and expect to race against a hovercraft, would you?
FIFA 16 keeps its series’ solid base intact and adds more modes to keep its fan base pleased. Playing with Women’s National Teams across a wealth of modes and participating in the construction of custom teams in FUT Draft Mode are both standouts. The alterations made to Career Mode also do a better job of helping your players improve at a manageable level. The offensive and defensive game receives a few changes here and there, but it doesn’t truly evolve beyond its annual gameplay mechanics. The random issues that arise can be problematic, but they won’t deter you from staying within the entertaining confines of FIFA 16.
FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is a new game mode that lets users participate in Ultimate Team, but without the same time and dedication needed to build a team from scratch and turn them into world-beaters. On first glance, this game mode is very appealing. It’s likened to Draft Champions in Madden NFL 16, however the difference is FUT Draft is pay-to-play. The entry fee is 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points. Formations are randomized so you can only choose from certain formation options. Also, the rewards for playing are quite low, given the amount of coins you have to pay-to-play. Hopefully this will be adjusted with an update.
Gamers who are intrigued by the ultimate team concept but don't have the time or the willingness to invest money into gaining the top stars on their team should love FUT Draft. The player selection process is fun, and best of all, it changes each time you play. FIFA 16 delivers with visual and audio authenticity, but it could stand to tighten up some loose ends in gameplay. All in all, it's still a solid effort, but there's room for improvement in a suddenly far more competitive market.
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