The graphics of EA Sports FIFA 16 is as stunning as ever

No one makes the action on the pitch look quite like EA does. The graphics aren’t console quality, given what the PS4 and Xbox One can now do with player likenesses, but they’re impressive. And since FIFA has licenses with almost every pro league worth mentioning around the world, the number of real uniforms, badges and stadiums you can assign to your Ultimate Team is as impressive as usual. So, what is a Ultimate Team (UT) mode? UT turns a charge of building your football group into a CCG where we have to buy packs of players, staff, bar items, and consumables to build (according to a game) your possess anticipation team. You start a diversion with a few bronze (basic) players, and we gradually buy or acquire packs to get better, china players and afterwards bullion players (there are also singular and common players, customarily like a CCG).
The players you’ll have in your group come from a outrageous list of 10,000 players from over 500 teams, that in any other mode would be song to football-lovers’ ears given many of us like to play as a favorite group and measure goals as a favorite players. When putting them on the field, you can see the small rectangle icon on a player’s card which indicates his happiness with your formation and their position. Every champion that you get form each match, you will be rewarded with gold coins and points that you can use to get new players. So, just try to have some matches to get more gold coins and points that will sustain your team into solid one.

Still the best in the business, the graphics of EA Sports FIFA 16 is as stunning as ever. The game is now fully evolved to accommodate the benefits of the current generation of consoles and looks deceivingly close to HD match broadcasts when being played. The best graphical feature of FIFA 16 comes in the form of the amazing detail that it provides for just about every major soccer stadium in the world along with all twenty Barclays Premier League grounds. Stadium architecture, localized digital advertisement boards, scoreboards are all in the game to provide the extremely authentic gaming experience that can only be had through the many licenses of the FIFA franchise.
Upon finishing the tutorial game, you will be introduced to the main menu. There, you can view your current squad (which will be terrible for now except for a random player from your favorite team), the transfer market (where you can purchase players that other users have put up for sale), and the game modes that are available for playing. Presented at 1080p both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game are played at a variation of 60 and 30 frames per second, depending on the section of gameplay being performed. General gameplay throughout matches is presented at 60fps, whilst intros, secondary acts such as penalties, goals kicks and such are presented at 30, though the framerate does remain locked and smooth in both instances and the change isn’t as jarring as one would think due to the fact that only certain sections share this change in technique, which isn’t new to the franchise either.
Judging when to apply pressure and when to make the big slide tackle is a key decision when playing on FIFA and now there are even more decisions to make. Do you press Zenit Saint Petersburg’s Hulk or get in close against Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud? Probably not, but if you keep up the pressure on your opposition then they’re much more likely to misplace passes or fumble their shots. It’s always tempting to select the most decorated player that you come across on FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Mode. But be aware, as if your chemistry rating is low then having Angel Di Maria among a wild bunch of ten other disparate names then your team will lack cohesion, fluidity and any real philosophy.
Some may have blown the mini-games off in the past in a haste to get to the actual gameplay. That would be a bad idea in FIFA 16. Here's a few tips and strategies. The higher his rating, the more you'll be able to get for him on the transfer marker.
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