The focus of FIFA 16 would be on better interaction between team-mates and the opposition

EA Sports wants to make FIFA 16 represents the presentation of a soccer game better than ever before. FIFA 16 Strives for Realism, But Rights Issues Result in Missing Brazilian Teams. EA Sports’ new soccer game will not feature domestic teams from one of the sport’s biggest countries.

Unlike FIFA 14, the PC version of the latest instalment will be on par with the PS4 and Xbox One versions, with all three harnessing the power of their respective platforms to deliver a 1080P, 60fps experience. As you’d expect, a number of the improvements that this extra power and memory affords are aesthetic.

We talk to senior producer Nick Channon about the improvements and tweaks that have gone into the new iteration of the ever popular FIFA series.

So what are the biggest changes in this year's edition?

"And also we've completely reworked our ball physics. Sort of on the ground. So literally every ball touch is now different and really feels really, really good. And those three things combined make the game feel incredibly responsive, has great fluidity, great feeling of control."

"We're doing a lot of innovation, a lot of the feeling and the things we talked about in gameplay will be on Gen-3 consoles, but ultimately we don't want to limit ourselves. We've got a lot more power, a lot more horse power, a lot more memory on the new consoles. We want to create and innovate as much as we can there as well, but we've created a really good game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well."

Nick Channon, the lead producer of this game, started off his E3 presentation by saying that for him, “football is the most emotive sport in the world.” This understandably hinted that the focus of FIFA 16 would be on better interaction between team-mates and the opposition.
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