The fifa 16 features new passing system

Welcome back to the beautiful game. EA Sports brings back the most loved sport on Earth back to your controllers in another iteration of the FIFA series. Another year brings new improvements to the game. New gameplay mechanics such as no touch dribbling come into play, and there are two new major ways to play the game. First, is the introduction of Women’s Football Teams for the first time ever, offering 12 national teams and a few trophies to go with them. The other is FUT draft mode, a new mode giving you the chance to choose a squad out of randomised players for each position, before facing your creation against the AI or online, and is unfortunately the reason that the Plat is 5/10 in difficulty rather than about 2 or 3. Luckily though, there is no extra effort or any stupid luck-based trophies this year, so you can relax about that.
Overall, all of the trophies are fairly easy apart from winning four games in a row online with your draft team. Now that AI-controlled players work harder to maintain their shape, exclusive use of basic short passes (X button/A button) will lead to one-dimensional build-up play. Though it takes a bit of practice, use of short through-balls (triangle button/Y button) to roll the ball into space ahead of a nearby team-mate, can enable you to open up new angles for subsequent passes. If you find that one side of the pitch is becoming congested, switch the play with a lofted cross field pass (hold square button/X button until bar reaches required level-three-quarters usually suffices) or the new drilled pass (R1+X button/RB+A button) to quickly exploit the space that has opened up on the opposite touchline.

However, there is also a potential modifier of +/- 10. So this means that even a bronze player could theoretically get his potential boosted up to 90 by the modifier - so the age-old adage that even the worst scouts can find world class players still rings true. If we recall the scout judgment table from earlier, scouts with 1 star in judgment only have a 1% chance of finding platinum players and an 82% chance of finding bronze players. Given that scouts with 5 stars in judgment have a higher chance of finding platinum players, it’s worth investing in a five star scout if you can afford it - although low-rated scouts can still find top players, but of course you’ll just have to work harder to find them.
Players got 25 new movement options, the most significant ones being the ability to control the length of the slide, and to stop mid-tackle. Computer AI reacts better to your actions, letting you construct more effective actions. The game features new passing system, letting you make quick, short passes through narrow spaces. Changes were also made to dribbling, so that now you can not only decide how, but also when to touch the ball. Interestingly, the system was created together with famous player Lionel Messi. Close behind the Argentine in FIFA 16's ratings chart is Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, last year's Balon D'Or winner. The Portuguese international was a real stand-out in Real Madrid's Champions League winning season of 2014, however it was Barca's "Tiki-Taka" football that reigned supreme across Europe last time around - hence Messi pipping Ronaldo to top spot. 
The double tap method allows your left or right midfielder to get to maximum acceleration and will be at his top speed. The stats that you’ll want is either a speedster in career mode or 85 pace and above online in Ultimate Team. The great thing about the speed boost is it doesn’t matter if the defender is standing still, coming towards you or jockeying and waiting for you to make your move. With subtle turns and walking-pace football, slide tackles become less potent. You’ll know you’ve got the rhythm just right when your opponent’s defensive approach begins to look like a re-enactment of the iconic ice scene from Bambi.
A good first touch is equally as important as the quality of the pass that came before it. Your initial contact with the ball should always set up the next part of a move, either creating space or establishing an angle for the next pass. Try not to sprint as you receive a pass to feet: this can lead to awkward bounces and extra touches, though it’s less of an issue if you’re running onto a pass into space.
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