The driven pass option is highlighted in a new feature called the FIFA 16 Trainer

If FIFA games were named like Friends episodes, 13 would be The One With the 360° Dribbling, 14 would be The One With Precision Movement, and 15 would be The One With All the Emotion. This year? It’s a bit harder to summarize. For FIFA 16’s lead gameplay producer Aaron McHardy, the snappy pitch is “no stone unturned,” an allusion to his team’s exhaustive efforts reexamining every feature, mode, and system. “It’s a marketing problem. How do you communicate to your fans what you’ve done? We want to go into every part of gameplay and touch everything to ensure it’s balanced and consistent as we can with the fewest bugs we’ve ever shipped with, so we can let all those big innovations shine through.”
In order to perform the along the ground cross, which is effective when used correctly, you must triple tap the cross button. You should only use this when the attacker is either in front but still onside, or about to get in front of his centre-backs. If this scenario plays out then your striker will not miss the opportunity and you'll score a goal every single time without fail. One of the benefits of the cross along the ground is it's the fastest type of cross and gets to the attacker nice and quick because the winger will put lots of pace on the ball. For this new dribble system, EA Sports captured the FC Barcelona striker’s movement using their high tech motion capture cameras.

Full FIFA spoke about “No Touch Dribbling” briefly in this post. But in case your wondering think Lionel Messi jogging behind the ball without touching it and then making a sharp turn to the left or right and accelerating. Moreover, FIFA 16 has Traditional Chinese version. For Chinese players, it is quite lucky as there really exists big difference between English and Chinese version. Chinese version is much more interesting. In some forum and BBS, players can download Simplified Chinese version. Compared to Traditional Chinese version, except for Simplified Chinese switch, there is some improvements in translation. You can buy FIFA 16 coins from SSEGOLD to get the lowest price!
The driven pass option is usually highlighted in a new feature called the "FIFA 16 Trainer," a pop-up box that appears next to the ball-controlling player. It suggests commands depending on the situation. Veterans will likely turn this off, but as a striver in this field I appreciated the reminder, not only that I could do something other than a basic pass or shot, but how to do it. The combined effect of the new commands and options is a very welcoming, very inclusive FIFA, which is appropriate considering one of its centerpiece features, the debut of women's soccer. Having not lost a game on head-to-head matches yet, I decided to share some of my top tips on how to dominate at FIFA 15. If anyone wants to play against me, please feel free to add me or message me on my account GC II Villa (Xbox360 only).
It’s worth having a couple of easy skill moves in your locker too, like the chop or the ball roll, as they can help you create space to get past your marker. If you don’t have particularly good dribblers then a one-two can also be a great way to entice a full-back away from the area you want to move into before you receive the pass back. When I get goal-side of the full-back I head directly towards the box. I find that as soon as I do this, opposition defenders are drawn towards the ball and that often opens up space somewhere in the area. It’s even more effective if I’ve managed to launch an attack on the break, as most of the players in the box will be charging towards the ball or their own goal, which again makes a clearance more difficult once I put the cross in.
Okay, that’s all for this week. Thanks very much for reading and please pop back for more on FIFA 15 from me in the New Year.
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