The driven pass in FIFA 16 is the counter balance to interceptions

Once again FIFA has failed on the rendering of the eyes and any close ups of the faces bring the startling failures to light. Looking into their eyes is like staring into the depths of an abyss with nothing but death and despair staring back. It really is quite jarring but thankfully this is only an issue during the beginning of the match when the teams are lining  up and after the game starts the glorious graphics are back. Knowing which character is better at which skill is part of the learning curve and seasoned players will definitely have the advantage here, but will still be challenged with the enhancements that FIFA 16 has included.
Speaking of the game's economics, many in our forums have rightly complained about the amount of gold awarded for playing matches versus the cost of packs. If you aren't planning on throwing plenty of money in this FIFA (money) pit, you'll have a hard time grinding enough coins to get a decent team going. For instance, if you play an online season, you'll play 7 matches with each win giving you 3 points and each tie 1 point. If you manage to hit 15 points, you'll get 200 coins, and at 18 you'll get 300 (you also get packs of consumables that aren't worth much anyway). A Single Player Season will give you a bonus of maximum 35 coins, and Single Player Tournaments will give you 1200 coins and a gold consumable pack (no players) after winning 4 games of increasing difficulty. As your level increases, so do the rewards, but they are still woefully short if you are planning on building your Ultimate Team without any real money.

There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16. You can cross into the area, defend deep and let them attack before hitting them on the break, shot from outside the area or even make some one-two plays near the oposite defenders. There's no perfect way of attacking, but you should always take into account the team's strengths and weaknesses. If your strikers are small, crossing might be an inefficient way of trying to score. On the other hand, if your forwards lack pace, it won't be easy to launch rapid counterattacks. Be smart about how you attack and play to the best strengths of your team. Looking at the longevity there’s enough on offer (once again) to keep players fully hooked until FIFA 17 that is. There’s a wealth of online and offline modes making it an all encompassing experience to while away the days, weeks and months. Whatever your forte there’s something for everyone here whether you’re a complete FIFA noob dabbling in the basic moves or seasoned vet looking to master the more flamboyant gameplay actions.
The driven pass in FIFA 16 is the counter balance to interceptions. Interceptions are your defence’s best weapon, driven passes are your attack’s best weapon. Matches will be won and lost depending on who masters the driven pass the best. In some scenarios, it is the only way through the opposition’s defence. I’m slightly annoyed that it’s taken this long for the ladies to become involved. It is a very simple thing for EA to introduce, and it’s very pleasing to see now that they’re part of the action. The thing that is satisfying is that a generation will now grow up with the women’s presence in these games being a natural thing. And if you haven’t played as the England Women’s team, go and do it!
Then they will venture into online or solo appearances with the team chosen in the hope of winning all that it is on the table, Coins and Ultimate Team players. Ultimate Team has been improved this year by introducing various game tournaments. FIFA 15’s quick through passes or high balls seem to no longer have the same effect as in FIFA 16 addressing a slower game, based more on possession and passing. At the graphics chapter, the game looks how good it can be, without differing a lot from the console counter-parts. Thus FIFA 16 on PC looks same-ish if not better than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions but only just.
With every passing version, EA tries to get us as close as possible to what we all see and hear on the TV on Saturday and Sunday. In FIFA 16, the match-day graphics, storylines, and commentary all give us the feel that we could be watching this game in a pub somewhere. Martin Tyler talks about transfer activity that is going on, issues at the club, and you only start to really experience repeated commentary after many/many/many games with the same club (if we had a pound last year for every time the commentary pair talked about Alan Smith’s goal for Arsenal against Liverpool).
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