The developers have demonstrated a new mode of dribbling in FIFA 16

The Gameplay - Balanced is the key word they are throwing out here, dull, boring and unintuitive but solid is the keys words I am throwing out here. The improvements are neat improvements but really nothing to shout and scream about, although you won’t really want to go back to fifa 15 after playing 16, it’s not a game that feels hugely different and if anything feels even more dull at times than the last years dull FIFA 15. Now this isn’t a FIFA vs PES article, this is a review of FIFA, but I will have to sometimes throw in comparisons, because the differences in PES to FIFA has made the issues in FIFA seem a lot more apparent, and using PES as an example shows a good scale of things.
Truth is, there’s a great deal of work that goes in to these annualized games, and the teams behind them are constantly working to add, improve or overhaul things that appeared in the last game. Even for the casual observer, there are a few things coming to FIFA 16 that promise to shake things up, even though they’ve largely been in the series for years: Here’s one such thing; no-touch dribbling. In a recent video released in the EA Sports FIFA YouTube channel, the developers have demonstrated a new mode of dribbling to be introduced in FIFA 16 - the No Touch Dribbling. The video released shows Lionel Messi, wearing a ton of motion sensors, demonstrating this new dribbling style first-hand.

Lionel Messi's skills on the pitch may be too difficult for many players to duplicate in real life, but the Barcelona star's impressive ball control will soon be a reality for gamers. Pressing and holding LB/L1 will momentarily see the player step away from the ball in one direction, before zipping back in another direction of the user’s choosing. This offers players another weapon when it comes to taking on defenders while running. EA Sports announced on Tuesday that Messi's ability to feint and move past defenders will be introduced in FIFA 16 as part of their new dribble control system. Direct free-kicks aren’t all that common in FIFA 16. But if you draw a foul just outside the 18-yard box you’ll be treated to a short cutscene where the referee will march the defensive wall back the regulation 10 yards, before putting down a line of vanishing spray.
It’s true to life, and the first couple of times it’s amusing to watch. You’ll probably notice the marks remain for a short while after the kick is taken before fading away. And yet I couldn’t help but wonder if the time taken to render all that might have been better spent elsewhere. With Konami hitting a series peak with PES 2016, it’s not a good year to be obsessing over minutiae like this, especially since it seems to come at the expense of EA Sports stepping back and considering the bigger picture. If last year was a closely fought contest in this long-running rivalry, this time there’s clear daylight between the two. FIFA 16 features, for the first time in franchise history, players form the Womens National Teams.
Teams available to play are from Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, and Mexico. However, fantasy match ups of Men’s National Teams versus Womens National Teams are not possible since the ladies can only be pit against their fellow female players. In its features and presentation, if not in its gameplay, FIFA is doing more than any other franchise to push the genre forward. But gameplay is so important. And so we're left at a difficult point. Is FIFA 16 "better" than FIFA 15? It certainly offers more. Is it better than PES? In most ways, yes. But I'm still troubled by that feedback loop. This year's interpretation of football - with its austere, plodding scrappiness - isn't how I want the beautiful game to be. Or how I daydream it when I'm scoring in the World Cup final in my head. The thing is, I think the guys at EA would agree with me. But they've got units to sell. In the meantime, I'm still here, stuck in the same old pattern.
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