The controls are easy to work in fifa 16

If you're entitled to play a sport in real life, then it's only fair that you can do so from the comfort of your couch. That's why it's good to see EA Sports announce that FIFA 16 will feature women's soccer teams for the first time. Now, users will be able to play as one of 12 international teams that include the USA, England, Brazil and France. It's a big step, too, since while you can get a licensed WNBA title from 2K Games, this is the first time EA has included a women's roster in one of its team-based games. In fact, the only woman we remember appearing in one of these games up to this point is Ronda Rousey in the UFC spin-off title.
With the potential to construct a play like that of the Egyptian pyramids only to have it crumble in disarray like a game of Jenga, the FIFA 16 experience now better encapsulates the moment-to-moment susceptibility housed within football; the risk/reward mantra that's so ingrained in the very fundamentals of the sport. For once, it finally feels as though there are separate phases of attack and everything just feels a lot more reactionary and purposeful. The passing, for instance, has been revamped and doesn't feel nearly as choreographed as previous years where it sometimes felt as though the game had devolved into a bout of pinball. This time around passing can regularly be too short with the propensity to be miscontrolled, which can subsequently drag players out of their respective positions leading to more avenues to explore enroute to that elusive goal.

It's a far more dynamic, and frankly realistic, way of depicting the sport and treads the line much closer to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer than ever before. The most important development seems to be improved defending. After the introduction of tactical defending a few years ago, many who play the game feel defending has become the most difficult part of the game. In order to remedy this, EA Sports have made it easier to keep up with players on the offensive. The new swing step mechanism allows for agile movement when defending, making it easier for you to keep up with faster players.
Unfortunately, it feels as if they gone too far in the opposite direction. Individual players do not feel as distinct as they did in FIFA 13 or 14 and hitting a long, lobbed pass invariably results in the loss of possession. A lot of the time it feels like the only way to eke out a result is through short, quick passing, but the moves seldom come across as genuinely fluid. The outcome is an over reliance on using two or three players in a triangular formation to pass your way out of trouble, or using the driven pass option which can cause the receiving player to lose control of the ball. Additionally, the engine’s highly sophisticated AI promises smarter decisions for computer-controlled players on both ends of the pitch, making it easier for players to immerse themselves in the action.
There are many improvements in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team over the previous games, including the player likenesses thanks to the updated 3D head scans, as well as the new character models that bring players to life on mobile like never before. Once you are happy with the way your team is built, you can take on other teams via tournaments. Player navigation is handled using the left side of the screen, while actions like passing and kicking are initiated by using the big buttons on the right of the screen. The controls are easy to work and the right combination will allow you to set up a potent scoring chance like a crossing pass. How realistic is EA Sports FIFA for mobile platforms? After scoring a goal, you can decide what kind of celebration will take place on the screen. And while on defense, you can perform a sliding tackle to try to steal possession of the ball.
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