The concept of hybrid teams is something all FIFA players should be aware of

With price ranges being far wider this year than when they were first introduced, you have a much better chance of snagging bargains. The trade off is you now have to spend more time looking at a particular player before getting the best value for money. Whenever you're looking for a player on the transfer market, it's vital that you compare the value of one card with the rest of them. Hitting X/Square will allow you to see every card of that player currently up for sale, and how much they're going for. While something may look like a good deal, it's always worth seeing if there's an even better one lurking somewhere else on the market. Besides the factors mentioned above, the concept of hybrid teams is something all FIFA players should be aware of. A hybrid team essentially comprises of players belonging to different nationalities who also have some common factors which enhances the team chemistry.
The idea of creating a perfect hybrid team is to divide your entire team into two smaller teams. You need to divide the field into left and right, each having players from different nationalities, with neighboring positions - Midfielders and Centerbacks - sharing common bonds. It's important to focus on two things when you're trying to get a high chemistry level in your team. The first important point are the dots below the players in your Ultimate Team. The dots either are red, green or orange. These dots show how satisfied the player is with his position in the formation and the connection he has with the teammates. The second important factor are the lines linking the players together. Those lines have the same colors as the dots below the players.

In time, you collect more Silver Cards, and when you have enough, remove the players in your team with the Bronze tag and replace them with the ones that offer Silver. There won't be many Bronze cards in a Silver Card pack, so you will need to save enough coins to buy as many Silver and Gold Cards as possible. If you are to dominate FIFA 16's FUT mode, know that it starts with building brilliant Team Chemistry. When you open it, you will take note of the active roster that's there for you, aside coloured lines connecting players on the football pitch. These lines tell you about how each player works out for the other. For example, if the left side of a squad is comprised completely of players from the German Bundesliga, and the right side from La Liga in Spain, players will need to find athletes sharing common bonds for neighboring positions, such as center midfielders and center backs.
Finding a player like Xabi Alanso, who plays in the German league and is also a Spanish national player would bridge the gap beautifully. A common misconception is that all links between neighboring players need to be green or yellow in order to achieve a perfect chem rating. The illusive 100 rating can still be attained with red connections, as long as each player has at least one green stem to a neighboring position. Once a player puts in the proper research to achieve a highly rated chemistry for a squad, an additional boost can be attained through the selection of a team manager sharing the same trio of traits that affect player chemistry.
The best way to discover an unlikely hero on the transfer market is to ignore that overall rating and hone in on individual stats that would really make a difference to your team. Zlatan is one of the game’s best strikers based purely on his overall ability, but he’s not going to be worth much to you if you rely on your forward having blinding pace. FIFA’s bias towards pace and strength makes average players like Loic Remy and Victor Wanyama potential stars for anyone having no luck stumbling across Messi in one of their card packs.
If you’re lucky enough to pull a Ronaldo or Messi in one of your packs, by all means, take that Ferrari out for a drive. However, the value of these players is tremendous and you could earn some serious moolah by putting them on the transfer market, which could go toward buying a plethora of other rares. Even if you don’t sell these big names, selling players that don’t necessarily gel with your current team is a good way to turn a profit.
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