The chemistry among FIFA 16 players is dictated by many factors

There's a lot of good quality players from the Brazilian national league and from Brazil in this year's Ultimate Team who are available reasonably cheap, so this is a good first team to build. You can get pacey wingers, potent finishers and solid defenders, which are great foundations for FUT. Shakhtar Donetsk has a bunch of high-quality Brazilian players which are well worth investing in, including Taison, a solid CAM that has good all-round stats for the position. Dede and Maicon are also two good centre backs, though Maicon's lack of pace will need to be compensated with a fast full back and perhaps a holding midfielder.
The chemistry among players is dictated by player origin, the league he or she plays in, and his or her active club. Although it may cause time and effort, you should try and build your team around these factors. There is no need to aim for green links in order to acquire hundred per cent chemistry as long as there is a green stem reaching the neighboring position. In addition to this, you should also select a manager who shares some common traits with the players which will maximize chemistry. Players who have played ten matches in your team get a loyalty point. On the back of the player card the color of the shield will change to green. A player who didn't play more than ten matches for your team will have a white shield. A green shield means a increase of the individual player chemistry.

In case you didn't know, there's now the option to acquire FIFA Points, which players can buy with real currency. Players can then use these FIFA points to purchase Silver and Gold Card packs, or even enter a FUT tournament. This is one of the simplest ways to make the most out of the FUT, although you will need to shell out a bit of cash. When starting off with FUT 16, the game will ask you to name your team. From there you will receive a roster that will be generated at random. You will start off with the Bronze, Silver or Gold Card backings for each player. This is meant to designate a player's overall skills. A player with ranking anywhere between 0-64 is Bronze, a person ranked 65-74 is Silver, and players with ranking 75-99 are Gold. The Gold ones represent the best players in FUT 16, and you must know each player's attributes.
It can be easy to overlook, as players with FIFA experience will tend to believe that as long as they have superstars on the pitch, they will have the ability to compensate for any shortcomings that may result from poorly planned chemistry. The FIFA development team worked hard to ensure players who disregard chemistry will be punished. With this in mind, here is a breakdown of chemistry and the different ways to make it work for you. Then we have Hybrid Teams. This includes players from different locations around the globe. Despite hailing from different regions, they have enough in common to work well with each other. To that end, you can split your FUT team into two components. While not the easiest thing to do, constant shifting is the best way to nail this. 
Something we’ve recently discovered is that when you confirm your draft selection (after selecting your manager), all the players in your starting XI will keep their original chemistry styles (the ones you selected them with) and the players in your subs and reserves can actually change. You may be asking why we’re sharing this info with you and why it even matters, but this can be used to your advantage. Once you have decided on the starting XI you’re going with, make sure all the players with good chemistry styles (the ones well suited to their position) are actually in your starting XI (forget team chemistry here for a second). All the players that have bad chemistry styles (even the ones that you will be starting), put them in your subs/reserves. Once this is done, confirm your draft (the next step after selecting your manager).
Now go back to the squad edit screen and rearrange your team back to the original lineup you plan on playing with, hopefully you should notice that all the chemistry styles you wanted to keep have remained and a few of the ones you weren’t happy with have changed. This isn’t set in stone and we’ve only actually tested it on Xbox One, but we can confirm that this has worked multiple times. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch/bug, but it’s worth taking advantage of for as long as you can do so.
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