Some new features you will only experience in FIFA 16

With World Cup fever set to take over the lives of many around world, EA Sports reveals their first official gameplay trailer for their FIFA series. Driven by the IGNITE Engine we were first shown with on FIFA 14, the next title will feature impressive modes for the game including Tournament Mode and Guest Play, but will also feature arguably the best looking presentation of graphics we will see on multi-platform in a few months. This September 23rd, you’ll be able Feel The Game on PC as well as all Sony and Microsoft platforms. Hit the jump to view the new trailer giving us a glimpse into the real life world of FIFA 16.

For the first time in FIFA 16 you will see all player swamped on one other if you score last minute goal. This is a new feature which you will only experience in FIFA 16. In FIFA 16 crowds will be distinguished by cheers and chants to give real intensity to the game. Also now you have most celebration to choose after you score a goal.

The artificial intelligence in older sports games leave a lot to be desired, but the technology seems to have finally caught up with and exceeded fan expectations, as your team mates in FIFA 16 will be able to understand what’s going on in the game and make strategic adjustments to their plays on the fly.

Now that we're ahead, we can play defensivly and try to hold the lead. It's not something we usually do, but we have to test the game's new features. One of these is that the standard tactics found on the directional pad has gotten an extra bar in both directions. To the right we find 'All Out Attacking', but that's not what we need. In the other direction we find 'Park the Bus' (think Chelsea's tactics) and it simply means that you have ten men behind the ball at all times. It's a rather defensive play. Our opponent still gets a goal, so we're back to square one, and we can attack again. Offensive football is always much more enjoyable.
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