Some FIFA 16 players prefer to play with manual controls

FIFA 16 is less than a month away from launching and shaking up the entire competitive scene. Tactics that have worked this year will instantly go out of the window and the pros will have mere weeks to figure out the best way to play on the new game before the competitions start up again. The same thing happens every year when a new FIFA comes out, leading to a shaky start to the competitive scene of the latest version, but to help the pros out we have identified five key new features that are sure to have a massive impact on the competitive scene in FIFA 16. FIFA 16 is no exception and includes the same Sliders system (also available in the playable demo).
We won't go so far as to say the game will become ultra-realistic, or that the experience will change dramatically, but we believe we have found a setup that removes some of the obvious advantages that favour the artificial intelligence and make it a fair, but challenging experience for the player. Before we begin, it should be noted that these settings were implemented under the following conditions: World Class difficulty, 6-minute matches, normal game speed, and control settings divided between assisted or semi. Some players prefer to play with manual controls, adjusting the sliders to higher or lower values, but these are the most balanced settings for FIFA 16 in our opinion. Below you can see an explanation for each Slider and the values ??we chose for our setup.

Any player plays the same way among all his team mates independently that he has different coloured connections. The intensity of the connection between two players is merely a graphic representation. It doesn’t mean that these players, in particular, play well with each other if their connection is green. What really counts for the individual chemistry is the summation of the intensities of the connections that a specific player has. Each player’s attributes are affected and not necessarily his relation with the team mates. It’s pivotal because it can improve on a squad’s play in certain aspects on the pitch. The AI will know when to make smart runs for you, or maybe they’ll know to come double team a player who is running towards the corner flag.
The players have contracts so they can play games. Default is 7 but you can add contracts which you can buy in the trade area. Every time a player plays a game they go down by 1 contract. Fitness is gained by resting and lost by playing. Generally a player with 80 or lower fitness will be much slower in the game. You can buy fitness cards to add to individual players or to the entire squad. The stadium you play in can also help increase morale so look out for +8 stadiums in the trade area. If you buy a new stadium you have an option to “Make it active”. Same for kits and balls which you can buy for your club or indeed sell. Also you can buy morale consumables to add to player or all the team.
Online Seasons: These are similar to single player seasons except that you play live against human opponents. The multiplayer actually works pretty nicely in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team in my experience, but you’ll want to make sure you have a solid internet connection. The one exception is the “Tackle” button, which is the red one when you are defending. Tapping the button makes your current player stick out his leg to attempt a normal tackle. It can also be used to perform slide tackles, but for that you’ll have to tap, hold and slide your thumb in the direction that you want to slide.
With so much emphasis on the offensive game, EA Sports knew the defense required tweaking. Swing Steps let players quickly close open gaps on the pitch; the idea is to clog up the passing lanes and intercept the ball. In fact, FIFA players can’t rely on the fastest superstars to dominate. Even someone like Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale won’t be able to run wherever he wants. The defensive AI will sense when an offensive player breaks free and cut him or her off. 
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