Some fifa 16 players look really good when looking at the stats

You’ll be delighted to know though that FIFA Points are carried over when you transition from FIFA 15 to 16. So, if you have some left, you can always transfer them to the new game. This will prove to be an advantage for you as well since, they will still not be available to purchase at release date. So, before you officially make the transition, you can prepare by buying some while still in FIFA 15, and instead of using coins, use them to buy packs. However, be extra careful as this is a one-time transfer only. And remember that they are only transferable between same platforms. For example, you cannot use them on Xbox One if you have bought them on PlayStation 4.
This manager is really popular and many FUT players want to buy this manager card because it's a Premier League manager and he's one of the most famous managers in the game. Search for Mourinho and select a buy now price around 350, 450. Harvest as many as you can and resell the manager cards for a buy now price around 550/650 (depends on the market). Redo this search and you'll make a lot of small profits. Some players look really good when looking at the stats but can be a disappointment. It's important to keep in mind which players have a good weak foot and some good skill moves. The better those stats are the better the player will play in the team.

However, it should be noted that I was picking the best players on each report. The game code specifies that these nations should produce more of their respective player type specialities, not that these player types will be the best players they find. What I mean by that is that Spain could well produce an abundance of fast players, but it could be that on your scouting reports, its goalkeepers end up being the best players and the ones you sign. Just because a nation will produce more of a certain player type, that doesn’t mean that that player type will be the best ones on your reports.
What our fifa 16 guide recommend though is to postpone those first games to a later time. What you should focus doing at this moment is to make your club as self-sufficient as you can. That can be done by gathering as much coins as you can. Therefore, the best way to do this is to sell all the cards that you have. Except for the untradeable ones, of course. You can have more freedom later on building your own club minus the restrictions. However, selling the cards doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be at discounted prices. Just sell as much as you can right now. Next up, Passing with Purpose. This feature helps you unleash precise and high speed passes through tight defense. Hit the defense with this type of pass and you may receive a great chance to score or counter attack.
Hold R1 or RB and then pass to a streaking teammate. If you receive one of these passes, press L2 or LT to gain control. Keep in mind this takes some practice, so expect to see the defense intercept some passes before you get it right. Then we have Hybrid Teams. This includes players from different locations around the globe. Despite hailing from different regions, they have enough in common to work well with each other. To that end, you can split your FUT team into two components. While not the easiest thing to do, constant shifting is the best way to nail this. Now for the best news. The coins you pay to battle the Team of the Week is a one time entry fee. You won’t have to shell out several thousand coins each time to beat these guys.
On the downside, match bonuses and rewards decrease in value the more you replay the same squad. This prohibits players from farming Team of the Week mode for high value assets, while at the same time allowing those who play nice the chance to earn the extra hundred of so coins to buy a silver pack of cards or most wanted player. Finally, players you find in packs and those who were originals on your FUT team will have solid chemistry from the beginning. Meanwhile, players who arrive via transfer need to put in 10 games to gel with their new teammates. While a bit of a grind, the ability to adapt and improve is how things work in real-world sports, and is nice to see in a video game.
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