Player animations are so rigid in FIFA 16

I am a big fan of little aesthetic attentions to detail in FIFIFA 16, it adds so much more authenticity and belief. FIFA of recent years are starting to get it right. Having all the premier league stadiums is an amazing achievement to have in a football game and a dream come true, gone are the days of having to assign generic stadiums to premier league teams imagining that’s their ground, which by the way, FIFA also has a huge variety of generic stadiums to pick from that are assigned to the huge roster of teams, to those teams not fortunate enough to have their ground in the game.
The stadiums also now look to have the correct distance from the stadium to pitch, and I also think it’s really cool how the advertisement boards are electronic and dynamically change like in real football but are also actual real advertisements from what you see from that stadium in real football. It’s ironic that this should happen in a year when FIFA introduces the single most progressive feature of the two games. This year’s World Cup saw women’s football reach a much wider audience than it ever has before, and it’s heartening to see 12 international women’s teams represented here for the first time. And EA Sports hasn’t simply reskinned the men’s game; you’ll notice tangible differences when playing as women, while female players have been fully motion-captured and look authentic.

I’m not convinced it’s a particularly accurate simulation of the women’s game - the quality of the football is akin to a Championship club between two teams with unusually high passing stats - but I probably enjoyed playing as the women more than the men because of these mechanical differences. Though it seems to take longer for strikers to get their shots away, and the best female players don’t quite have the close control of the superstars of the men’s game, these matches are often more dynamic, unpredictable, and exciting. Which side you take is a question of faith. Because, particularly for a FIFA Ultimate Team devotee, the feeling that directionless and seemingly arbitrary changes are being made to the way FIFA plays each year is a troubling one.
I'd like to believe that these guys know what they're doing; that the fact that my 92 pace striker won't be able to out-sprint a 42 pace defender for another 12 months is all part of a richer playing experience. But with hundreds of hours of my life at stake, each year that optimism becomes just that little bit harder to tap into. The main caveat is that women’s games seem far more prone to random glitches: I got a bug that rendered one pre-match tackling exercise uncompletable, while on three separate occasions my defensive line stayed rooted to the edge of the 18-yard box, leaving me with little support going forward.
This imbalance isn't new, and neither are the ongoing legacy issues which continue to prove a hindrance. The three-point turn continues to be the best skill in the game, because player animations are so rigid and player models so big that it's the most effective way to dismiss a defender: they can't react quick enough to sharp-angled changes of direction. Even when you've beaten your opposition, there's still a lack of fluidity in the final third unless the ball is on the wings. Off the pitch, the final hour of deadline day in career mode still passes without the ability to confirm signings, meaning any pending deals are dead in the water. These issues will take, it seems, more than a yearly update to iron out.
Yeah, soccer is like that. Many passes don’t find their intended recipients, but a lot of this stuff doesn’t feel organic or natural. And this is a common consequence of yearly releases. Sometimes, settings get dialed up a little too much, messing with the overall flow. It happened with the heroic goalies before (which never really got fixed). Now, we’re getting it with the precognitive defenders. But, I don’t understand how EA thinks a half-baked Trainer mechanic, no-touch dribbling, some Ultimate Team additions, fog (yes, fog), German Bundesliga graphics, and a few other gameplay tweaks are enough to counter what Konami is doing.
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