Over 200 new player head scans will feature on fifa 16

EA Sports have revealed their latest trailer for FIFA 16 with less than two months to go until its release and the authenticity is better than ever. All 20 Premier League clubs' stadiums will feature in meticulous detail and over 200 new player head scans will feature on the game.

This year’s World Cup – already one of the more exciting and unpredictable World Cup tournaments in recent memory, new details and peeks at the upcoming FIFA 16 are always going to garner some interest, especially as FIFA’s official last-gen World Cup game fell short and felt more like DLC rather a complete game on its own. The new trailer released by EA shows us everything a football video game should look like in this day and age and will certainly get an FIFA fanatics out there excited for this year’s instalment of the hugely popular franchise.

The FIFA 16 PC demo is a fantastic and free way to test out if your gaming rig has the right stuff. When the demo goes live, it doesn’t cost you a thing to check out the performance of the game on your gaming PC. What you experience in the FIFA 16 demo is just a sampling of the full FIFA 16 game, but it’s a perfect test of the Ignite Engine on your PC. Tweak the settings to get the most out of FIFA 16 on your gaming rig.

Like what you play in the demo? Pre-order the Ultimate Team Edition of FIFA 16, available only on Origin and only for a limited time. The Ultimate Team Edition includes bonuses including 40 Gold Fifa Ultimate Team packs that’ll really give you the edge when building your Ultimate Team. Each pack will feature players, stadiums, celebrations and more, and gold packs ensure that you’ll unlock much more rare items in your quest to put together the best team on the pitch.
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