Off the pitch FIFA 16 is a lot more positive and well-made

FIFA 16 feels like more of a chess match and has moved closer to the real thing in that sense. The art of goal scoring has become harder to perfect and hitting the back of the net feels more precious. Goals change games and if you give one away, a quick change in tactics from the opposition can mean you're in big trouble. And all of that is very much a good thing. There will be those who complain because you can no longer breeze past defenders and rely solely on pace. I am certainly not one of them. It's more about the skill of the player picking the right pass, the right touch, shot or cross at the right time.
I'm a big fan of the new crossing as well, because it adds a whole new dimension to the way the ball behaves when swung towards the 18 yard box. In FIFA 15 crosses were determined by logic which affectively tried to land the ball directly on a players head. Which is why you see so many standing jump headers in the box. In FIFA 16 that restriction is lifted, with crosses now aimed more at space for players to attack. What it adds is a greater variety of headed chances and goals, but also a lot more danger. The extra whip added to the shape of crosses means that even when your defender is comfortably clearing his lines, there's still a sense of uncertainty, purely because of that extra pace on the delivery.

“I’m not convinced it’s a particularly accurate simulation of the women’ game – the quality of the football is akin to a Championship club between two teams with unusually high passing stats – but I probably enjoyed playing as the women more than the men because of these mechanical differences,” writes IGN. In the women’s game, those changes to emphasise control and tactics over speed and power are even more potent. There are other big new features too, including a new Draft Mode that changes the dynamic of the hugely popular Ultimate Team by making it more like a tournament.
You should have enough confidence to fight against your opponent,since that many tools can be provided by FIFA 16.You could do something which ever you can’t do ,when you have more freedom. Treat your team as a unit and defend. Let us have a look at new features to have more confidence to defend in new FIFA 16. There are 25 new feature changes in a suit,which can track attacking your opponents.Defenders can close down space and even change direction to use swing steps,create balance in 1 to 1 situations.Guard top speed acceleration time and greater freedom of movement to help defender at their opponents, because they break up an attack.
Off the pitch, FIFA 16 is a lot more positive and well-made. Of course, we have some beautiful presentation and menus that the FIFA franchise is always known for, along with plenty of news updates to keep you connected to the football world. I especially liked the customizable main menu that's also present in PES, as it gives the menu a personal touch and allows you to get right into the mode that you love.There's a lot more data and graphics shown during matches than usual, and while they can be a bit of a nuisance, they do make the games a little more believable and add that special something.
Other little changes on the field come in the shape of things like speed being less of a win-all stat. It’s something EA acknowledged as being an irritation of previous FIFAs, but the way the studio has ‘fixed’ the power of pace seems to have been… well, to nerf it. Fast players are still fast, and given enough space they will pelt off down the wing away from all-comers, but generally speaking it feels much like FIFA 16 has just slowed down on-the-ball control a little bit, and/or given a little boost of speed to the defending player/s. It feels clumsy as a solution and often leads to frustration, but this is a much lesser evil than the godlike prowess of pacey players in the past.
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