Now fifa 16 players are valued on their quality of card

What else is new in Ultimate Team and FIFA 16? If you don't fancy Draft mode, then there are other changes coming to the way you play and interact with Ultimate Team. When it comes to broadcast presentation, the mode highlights special players who have seen special Team of the Week editions, celebrating your best players and also communicating their threats to the opposition. And for another thing, developing your youth players is great helped by the player training feature. As I said, I’ll cover this in more depth in a future guide, but it is a very good way to counter these lower OVRs - train a player enough and they can grow heaps before you even promote them.
Not that some players (but not youth players) will have a status saying ‘Has that special something’. This is unrelated to potential and means the player has the Flair trait; promoted youth players can’t have traits, but just make sure you know the distinction. Don’t be fooled by Antonio Valencia’s 79 rating. The versatile midfielder simply isn’t good enough to play midfield and defensively he can’t compete with Matteo Darmain. The Ecuadorian simply hasn’t looked the part since Alex Ferguson’s departure and you can make around £9 million if you do choose to sell him. That man is Lazio’s Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian box-to-box midfielder will give your team a evident boost that you wouldn’t get from Michael Carrick or Andre Herrera.

His FUT rating of 79 will grow as he is only 21 years old and he is available for around £13 million. If you sell Michael Carrick then you can make a quarter of that money back anyway. Although it may seem like a normal step, once selected, you won’t be able to change the name again without a specific item from the EASFC catalogue and other conditions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend a couple of minutes before choosing the name and abbreviation of your club. After you’ve successfully named your club, you’ll get a Starter Pack consisting of 34 cards; 3 silver, 2 gold, and the rest bronze. In addition to player cards, you’ll also get club item cards to get you started: stadium, ball, badge, and home/away kits. However, one thing to note here is that the Starter Pack cards are untradeable.
If you can stomach these psychic ball hogs (at least it feels good when you beat them), you’ll enjoy the career’s new features. There are pre-season tournaments that let you start your year with about £10 million extra spending money if you win, as well as give you a chance to trial players in matches with unlimited subs, and training that allows you to improve up to five players a week through skill games, whether playing them yourself or simming them, to raise attributes and market value. Though the effects of a 2+ pace increase on the pitch is negligible, it gives you worthwhile activities between matches besides reading emails from moaning benchwarmers, and makes you feel like you’re building towards something.
However, this year, I’m going to stick my neck out on the line and say that pace and skill will NOT win you games. This is down to two very key new mechanics that have been added to FIFA 16 this year. Both of which are to do with Defending. You’re still vulnerable to through balls but that will always be the case no matter how fast your CB’s are. That’s another point I’ll make. Last year most FUT players picked CB’s that had decent pace. This year, whilst still a good attribute to have in a CB, standing/sliding tackles and interception stats will be even more crucial. This brings me to new mechanic number two…
Now fifa 16 players are valued on their quality of card and overall and a min and max price is set. It didn’t really work last season because it was too late by then but this season it has worked wonders, to an extent. For now the market is fairly stable but EA are slowly pushing the limit. Every day they are offering specials on card packs which is flooding the market with insane amounts of rare players. It works for them because they are making a ridiculous amount of money of it, admittedly I have probably spent about $100 on the specials in the hope I can get a rare. EA needs to curve how much they are trying to sell to the public to ensure the market remains stable.
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