No touch dribbling looks great but it requires a player of considerable skill

A version of FIFA 16 has been released for iOS and Android, but previously the touch screen interface has provided significantly less control than the dedicated hardware controls on my Vita. Undaunted by these challenges, I set out the try and replicate a PS Vita-like experience on my iPhone 5S. Turning the iPhone into a proper console. The biggest problem I had to address was the lack of physical buttons on the iPhone. Apple provided a potential solution a couple of years ago by including support for dedicated hardware MFi controllers in iOS 7, but it was something that I’d never properly investigated. Starting my investigation, I had the perception that MFi controllers were expensive, and in the main this is relatively true.
But I did come across one option; the Logitech PowerShell, which seemed like good value as it was priced at £9 on Amazon. First up is the iPhone 6 Plus with the reviewer making various observations about how the game feels to play on this handset. The video moves on to showing FIFA 16 UT on the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and we have to say that this is looking pretty good. We’ll let you watch the comparison to find out which device the reviewer chooses for offering the best experience of this game. Don’t neglect the training during your Career Mode as it can help you develop your side and if you’re short on transfer funds it gives you a cheaper way to raise your team’s performance.

EA Sports FIFA is set to hit the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on September 22nd. The soccer simulation game has already been soft-launched for iOS devices. With console quality game play and graphics, the game is free to download and install, but there will be in-app purchases offered. You can put together your own team and build your roster through trades and player transfers. Perhaps if you need a goal-scorer, you can land one by making an in-app purchase. I’m told that answering yourself is a sign that something could be mentally amiss, so I’m glad I didn’t. However it’s worth noting that FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is now live on iOS and Android, with both the number and the game mode back in effect. Huzzah for truth in advertising!
No touch dribbling looks great but it requires a player of considerable skill. The other noticeable addition to this year’s version is the ‘no touch dribbling’ control option, which allows you perform feints and fake shifts of direction while running just behind the ball, without actually touching it. The animations are spot on and playing online multiplayer with a four or five star-rated team, it is a cunning tactic that often draws fouls. Against the AI with players of lesser ability, however, it is less effective. Last year’s FIFA was a ‘like’ on my scale. A quality iteration of the world’s biggest sports game no doubt, but it didn’t do enough to keep me playing all the way through the year like previous FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games have. Let’s be clear from the off FIFA 16 is not a huge step forward for the franchise.
Ultimately, it’s about achieving a realistic football experience that is also fun to play. So when tuning in to the FIFA 16 E3 Stage Demo, every FIFA fan looks forward to hearing about what has been altered, and how it will affect gameplay. This year, EA Sports has provided us with much to discuss. Improvements have been made to the AI as well. Now, when possession changes, the your players will react much quicker, switching between offense and defence quickly. When attacking, other players will work with you to perform better runs to increase your chances of scoring.
It's maddening, beautiful and downright frustrating all in the same utterance; an unpredictable, oftentimes surprising, experience that gives and takes in the same breath. It's more like the sport that it's trying to replicate than ever before and oddly enough that's not always as laudable as one might think. Though not as refined as optimally as one would hope, there is undoubted progress in this year's FIFA.

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