Know your goals and what your expectations are when making FIFA plans

When starting FIFA 16 for the first time, you’ll be asked to maintain the name of your club (exclusive to returning players) or if you choose to pick another one. If you choose to abdicate your antiquity will be reset. After inserting your club name you’ll be gifted with some packs. The first, a Starter Pack, consisted of 34 cards, mostly bronze (29 more 2 silver and 3 gold). This pack, besides enough players to start playing, where silver and gold are included with 45 contracts each one, possesses also everything your club needs to start. In other words, the club item cards which will be part of the pack will be: at least one stadium, one ball, one badge and two kits (home and away). All the cards of this first pack are untradeable, which means that you can not sell it.
This is a fairly standard method of making coins, but I was surprised to see that many people don't know about it! It involves picking a player under 50k (the lower the better). Search for the lowest buy-now player price. Once you find it, buy it. Then look for the next-lowest buy-now price player, and buy that one. Keep going until you're about 1,000 or 2,000 coins below the average price. Then sell them all for that price. This way there are no cheaper cards than the ones you have, so you are guaranteed to sell. Trying to sell them for more profit is an option, but that will take many days or even weeks. This is going to make you quick cash and if you do it with 20 or 30 players, that's about 50 or 60k. Not bad, huh?

Don’t substitute the whole roster to achieve the best chemistry right away. Instead, use the player preview option, which shows what would happen to the roster if you subbed in a certain player. Now that you know your roster, go into the FUT store from the main menu. EA Sports gives you 500 coins to start, and you also have some complimentary card packs to open. After doing this, keep an eye out for high-ranking players and consumables, which includes things like stadiums, managers, doctors and kits. Find something you don’t want? Choose Quick Sell and the game immediately puts coins into your virtual account. Otherwise, choose Send to Club if you want to keep someone or something.
If it’s your first time to play FUT, learning and mastering the basics will do you good. Meanwhile, if you have already played a previous version, you may want to know what are the new stuffs and what has been retained. I would usually go directly to knowing if the Draft mode still works just as it did previously. Know your goals and what your expectations are when making FIFA plans. We all have different ideals for a club and it is good to know them beforehand. While some people would like to try new players, I usually prefer to have the best, experienced players in my club. Some may like In-Form versions, but I prefer to start with the regular versions first and decide about whether to try In-Form later on. The more specific we go with our goals, the easier the planning phase becomes.
In the beginning of FIFA 16 I bought for example Miranda (IF). My thought was that only Sergio Ramos was better! Its actually still like that! So I bought him for 70k and sold him recently for 130k = around 50-55k profit on 1 player. Making calculated risks and understanding the market: An IF player is always very expensive when he enters the market! Assuming he is worth using in the future! So when TOTW is out each Wednesday, don’t buy the IF`s! If you want to try to invest and make profit on IF`s buy them Monday or Tuesday evening (A lot of the same player on the market, cheapest price!!) They rules in my head: Buy IF`s whose actually usable in the future!
Like Lahm just came out (Bought him for 240k assuming that he will be more expensive in 3-4 weeks, I don’t use him. Its only investments! Furthermore, this aint at all time consuming (more time to play the game!) Should you hook up with My space, it is possible to access the transport industry, that will be best for exchanging gamers. You'll be able to manage them by rarity (Bronze, Magic or Silver) sufficient reason for sufficient cash, you'll be able to get several actually scarce people and never have to devote any FIFA Points (the advanced currency of the sport).
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