In FIFA 16 chip shots are back

This is a complete in-depth FIFA 16 finishing tutorial, there are many different ways to shoot on the game and we’re gonna go through every different type of shot and rank them from worst to best for you. There are some shots that are not effective and some that are extremely good, so check out the full HD video tutorial below or read on to learn how to score almost every time you get a chance on goal. The footage can watched in super 1080p High-definition and contains actual gameplay of the online tournament in with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final games included. You’ll also see us give out examples of how to implement this passing tika-taka style into your gameplan on FUT 16. With circles and arrows highlighting the appropriate players, this tutorial really will help you win more matches in FIFA 16 for the rest of the season.
In this FIFA 16 passing guide, I’ll share some basic tips and strategies as well as discuss different kinds of passes in FIFA 16 and how to execute most. If you’re defending in the central third of the park, a good rule of thumb is to track back with the closest striker; if play is focused on the edge of your area, choose a midfielder to press. The point of this is to have the line of players behind the ball hold their position, making it harder for your opponent to find openings. This style of defending can be very effective after transitions - closing down from the front can provide time for the rest of your team to get back into position.

In this scenario, it’s an instinctive choice to select the full-back in anticipation of the inevitable pass along the wing. By switching to the closest available midfielder, though (in this instance, Iniesta), you can potentially apply pressure on the winger and leave your full-back to cover. With the basics of FIFA 16, you should learn some simple moves that will put you above your friends. It is also possible to find technically gifted players at defensive midfield. However, they not suited to this at all because their tackling stats are very low, and the game punishes them with low OVRs accordingly. If you do find a technically gifted defensive midfielder, play them higher up the pitch and they should be fine.
Hallelujah, praise be, wingers are finally fixed! Yes, you can actually get pacey wide players now in FIFA. That surely is worth celebrating. In fact, wingers can even be fast if they have poor technical stats - in previous FIFA games, weak technical stats were a guarantee of lousy physical stats. There’s more to it than that, though, as any money you win from the tournament will be added to your transfer budget. You may already know what your best team and formation are, but the financial incentive means that pre-season tournaments have a real, solid reward on offer alongside gaining a greater insight into your squad dynamics.
While this is a nice addition to the game and adds some much-needed immersion, there are other areas that I would rather were addressed first. The scouting system needs a whole raft of changes (more on that later), while there are still plenty of gameplay issues that need addressing. I’m genuinely glad that EA have seemingly fixed pre-season, but I can’t help feeling there should have been greater priorities. Which brings me on to…
Chip shots were really difficult in the previous game. In FIFA 16 chip shots are back. It's a lot easier to chip the goalkeeper. The balance of the defenders is now more important in FIFA 16. The gameplay has really changed. Especially when clearing the ball with a defender. Normally you just pressed shoot or high pass and the ball was gone. In FIFA 16 when the player is facing his own goal or is out of balance the player has no power. The ball won't be cleared with power. Try to clear the ball by aiming correctly and take the time to shoot.
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