FUT Draft requires gamers to choose a captain early in the drafting process

Despite FIFA being one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, the team at EA Sports continues to innovate. It would be easy to sit back and churn out the same experience every year albeit with subtle tweaks, but the developers appear to respond well to feedback while at the same time paying close attention to how professionals play the sport. With this in mind, the tag line for FIFA 16 is Play Beautiful, and based on what we've seen in this gorgeous game, those words are a perfect fit. We wanted to ensure all FIFA fans are updated on the final players and rosters. Of the hundreds of players on these rosters, 13 are currently attending or likely to attend NCAA-sanctioned schools in the U.S.
The NCAA recently informed EA SPORTS that these 13 student-athletes would be risking their eligibility for collegiate athletics by being included in FIFA 16. The ladies being cut from the game include: Canada's Kadeisha Buchanan, Jessie Fleming, Ashley Lawrence, Janine Beckie, Rebecca Quinn and Sura Yekka; Mexico's Tanya Samarzich, Greta Espinoza, Christina Murillo, Amanda Perez, Emily Alvarado and Maria Sanchez; and Spain's Celia Jimenez. "This is a brand new way to play," creative director Adam Shaikh said. "We believe it's probably the biggest game changer in FIFA Ultimate Team [FUT] in terms of how we play the game and what it'll do for you."

Everything in the mode, from team formations and the manager through to each and every position on the field and subs bench, presents you with five options to choose from. A high stakes mode that 'distils the essence' of the popular mode. It’s always been important for us to say that everything in FIFA Ultimate Team is available for free,” says Shaikh. “There’s nothing you can get by spending that you cannot get for free. Even the auction market - basically the transfer market where you can guarantee what you want - the only thing you can use there is FIFA Coins. It’s critical for us that we focus on a great game that people want to play.”
Unlike Draft Champions, FUT Draft requires gamers to choose a captain early in the drafting process. This selection will be your club’s best player with enough Fifa 16 coins. You’ll get an opportunity to choose between five mega stars of the game. The choices will be random and different each time you play. While FUT Draft and Draft Champions take place within the Ultimate Team universe, both modes provide gamers with a chance to play with the best players without earning them with pack purchases. In Draft you need to build your squad from the 5 randomized players for each position and it will be interesting to see weather players focused on the ratings of the card player or more interested to develop a best chemistry among there players as chemistry is again a new feature added in FIFA 16.
In FUT Draft you will also be awarded with rewards which will be worth of your playing and you need to win a four game in a chain to maximize the rewards, including Fut 16 coins, packs, and more. What we need is a youth league. I don’t mean having to play youth matches in addition to first team games, but how about having a youth squad league table, and every week your youth team plays another team from that league? How about getting a report every week from your chief scout telling you what the score was in that game and how each player performed? How about your scout letting you know who had been progressing well in the youth league and could be ready for promotion?
It also gives you more confidence in players with high potentials but OVRs below 60. In FIFA 15, there was no way to know what their potential was (because their OVR was less than 60 and they wouldn’t get a potential status), so you had to just pray that they were good until they hit 60 OVR, at which point you would know. This could mean a lot of wasted time developing a player who may not even get a potential status. In FIFA 16, if you have a player with 55 OVR but 80+ potential, you’ll know he’s worth keeping and developing even though he won’t have a potential status until he’s grown to 60+ OVR.
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