FIFA is a world famous brand with all the proper licenses

The Gameplay - Balanced is the key word they are throwing out for FIFA 16, dull, boring and unintuitive but solid is the keys words I am throwing out here. The improvements are neat improvements but really nothing to shout and scream about, although you won’t really want to go back to fifa 15 after playing 16, it’s not a game that feels hugely different and if anything feels even more dull at times than the last years dull FIFA 15. Part of the reason the women’s game showcases FIFA at its best is because the player skill level isn’t quite so high, and thus the occasional heavy touch or mistake means it’s easier to regain possession. In the men’s game, you can go several in-game minutes without coming close to touching the ball.
When you’re in control, FIFA is a little snappier than it has been of late - it doesn’t take as long to release a pass, and you’re more likely to get a shot away before a defender steps in with a last-ditch challenge. Let's take the sympathetic view for now. While many of these changes seem to contradict gameplay aspects which were fundamental to FIFA 15, they aren't, in and of themselves, negative. Indeed, one of my favorite things about playing FIFA 16 has been how challenging I've found it, particularly for the first few hours. The second is FIFA Ultimate Team, which as the modern day equivalent of collecting Pannini stickers would probably sell the game no matter what it actually played like.

Apart from the changes to players' relative speeds - all but killing off the through-ball as a cheap source of chances - the biggest change has been to passing, one that represents a more dramatic shift to midfield play than we've seen in a fair few years. It should be said that none of these failings are game-breakers. FIFA 16 still plays a solid game of football and some may even prefer it to FIFA 15. But in our view both are amongst the weakest offerings from the series in the modern era. And yet from a sales point of view there are two main reasons why that doesn’t matter, the first being that FIFA is a world famous brand with all the proper licenses - and PES is not.
Ditto, frustratingly basic flaws remain year on year: poor AI which, on low difficulty settings, dribbles off the pitch. Strikers who inexplicably stand still outside the box on corners. A broken collision system which, combined with an increased physicality in defending, leads to an absurd number of soft penalty calls (seriously: in one early game I conceded 3 and earned 2). All of which is a concern, particularly when Konami’s PES franchise has returned to its finest form in a decade. That isn’t to say that FIFA 16 is not a great game. When it shines -- Douglas Costa bursting past a player, feinting inside a wing-back and planting a driven cross into the feet of a goal-mouth Robert Lewandowski -- it’s superb.
Playing it on a easier difficulty just makes the game equally as boring, although it is quite fun to actually be able to beat players and be able to play the football you want to play because the computer isn’t so unfairly fast at reacting to your move, it also becomes no challenge after a while which gets boring, you may score goals but you will never concede a goal and pretty much win every game comfortably which gets equally as repetitive.
It's reached a point where I enjoy the modes of FIFA more than the gameplay, and that's quite shocking. While you debate whether or not to get the next edition of FIFA, the real question is whether or not you should jump ship entirely. FIFA is in need of an overhaul much on the same level as PES was. In the meantime, it's starting to feel an awful lot like the PS2-era again for football games.
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