FIFA 16 will have a realistic system in place for player growth

We have brand new details for the upcoming FIFA 16 from EA Sports. First of all the game will have a realistic system in place for player growth and top rated players won’t retire quickly and players with high potential will grow faster. The game will also feature a new search system that will suit you and your team.

The storyline and presentation have been given a bump as well with in-depth analysis of players and teams. The suggestion system has been improved with scouts scanning your team for potential weakness. Furthermore EA have released some brand new screenshots in 1080p from the PS4 and Xbox One  versions of the game.

As the video mentions, visual improvements are just one of a number of key areas that EA Sports is revamping for FIFA 16. The developers are also looking to improve on-the-field play, ball physics, and they even teased some potential new modes, or changes to fan-favorite modes, but fans will have to settle for this brief video.

In FIFA 16 every player is unique, and they are all connected to each other during the game, with more than 600 different emotions that will certainly affect either in a good, or bad way the gameplay on every single match, with players supporting their teammates, or condemning them for missing too many chances, or being selfish with the ball, bringing a whole new gamma of situations that can be experienced in every match.

With the World Cup in full swing, EA Sports has a unique opportunity. If the position FIFA 16 right, they could capitalize on the world’s increased interest in the sport of soccer. What other improvements do you hope to see in FIFA 16? What do you think of the game’s visual presentation? FIFA 16 releases September 23, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
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