FIFA 16 is right around the corner for us traditional football fans

FIFA 16 is right around the corner for us traditional football fans, and those who are anticipating this year’s promising iteration won’t have to wait much longer as a demo is scheduled to hit both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the coming weeks.

Alongside the new FIFA 16 bundle that was announced during Microsoft's conference, Danish goalkeeper Peter Shmeichel was on stage with EA Sport's David Rutter to confirm that FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Legends is heading exclusively to Xbox. During the presentation Schmeichel, who kept goal for Manchester United and Denmark, picked some of his favourite players from yesteryear.

You also get 10% off digital versions of these games, so you can save $5.99 on a digital FIFA 16 download and on other purchases like NHL 16 and Ultimate Team packs on other EA Sports games. That’s not all the EA Access membership includes. You can play old games in The Vault. This includes Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and soon Need for Speed Rivals. These are the full games and they will stay in The Vault so you can keep playing them. If you trade in FIFA 14 you can still play it using this access.

The added rigour in the physics engine is perhaps the one factor which is most noticeable when you play the game – the ball really does go where you would expect it to after each touch, which ramps up the sense of realism massively, along with the sense of feel and control.

Referring to the strength in your striker when attacking, defenders, especially the centerbacks, are STRONG. They will easily out-muscle your attackers off the ball for possession. If you did not learn this in FIFA 14, you will be miserable in FIFA 16. Learning when to apply pressure and when to REALLY apply pressure will create a big gap between good players and bad.
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