FIFA 16 has two options to find promising players

Last year, many considered FIFA’s competition, "Pro Evolution Soccer," to have surpassed it in terms of gameplay. It’s clear EA recognized it had work to do - it made considerable improvements on the pitch for "FIFA 16" and added options for use at the player’s disposal. Players on defense will actively go after the ball. They’ll jump right into the passing lanes, making it tougher than ever to keep possession, especially in the midfield. Initially, that was fantastic to see. The problem quickly became apparent when players whose team has possession will just stand around and watch, and allow the defenders to get to the ball without making an effort of their own. Passing also seems to randomly go haywire, with an unusual amount of power (for how long the button was held) being placed on balls that are sent beyond their intended targets, who let them go right by.
Passing also requires more care, both in placement and power. No longer do first-time flicks drift perfectly into a teammates' path unless you master the reworked options. There are specific button sequences for lofted passes or through-balls as before, but with the additions of "Pass With Purpose" (a heavier, quicker pass to find a teammate in space and cue an attack) and a wider range of pass-fakes and dribble options to allow cannier players to breeze toward goal. It's worth noting, however, that these new features generally work better with higher-rated players/teams within the game. As much as you'd like to take Preston North End to the Premier League with a Pep Guardiola-esque counterattack, it will require plenty of time (and a few new signings) in order to pull it off. Again, realism!

If you plan to play for several seasons, you should start to consider the future of your club as soon as possible. FIFA 16 has two options to find promising players. The first comes down to the normal scouting system that allows you to search specifically for young prospects, but that doesn't mean that all the solutions are of the required quality. Each player has a note indicated by the scout, either in relation to their status at the club or their contract duration, for example. The most promising, however, are often marked with two notes, "high potential" or "exciting promise." The first means that at this point in his career, he is a reasonable player with the potential to become a great player, with training and regular playing time. The exciting promise is guaranteed value, and can be a valid alternative straight away and has the potential to be one of the world's top players.
As with any annualized EA Sports title, quite a few innovations and tweaks have been added in the hopes of making the experience ever-more realistic. Notable inclusions this year include a ramped-up control experience in the midfield, featuring "Passing with Purpose", a revised control scheme that allows for sharp, precision passing. Balancing this out is a bolstered midfield AI that will better anticipate passes on defense, or conversely seek out space for greater opportunities on offense. Further changes to specs such as agility, spacial awareness and goaltender AI are just a few more examples of ways FIFA 16 attempts to improve on authenticity.
Don't be afraid to employ the patented Gareth Barry Technique: if a team's counter-attacking down the wing and you're a little light on defensive reinforcements in the middle, then don't be afraid to give wingers a cheeky tug on the shirt to slow them down. There's always a risk of getting booked, but as long as it's down the wing and not through the center, you're only ever going to get a yellow, and you can get numbers back for the resulting free kick. Another nice alternative for getting to the goal is the dribble, which is more efficient than ever. Using the right analog stick, you can make passes of various kinds, in various directions.
Being able to make standing tackles while the ball is in mid-air is a secret godsend. Barring a lucky deflection, defenders used to hopelessly whiff on airballs, leaving attackers with a free run at the next man in line, or worse, the goalie. Now, it’s actually possible to make tackles while the ball is bouncing, with new animations added so that players make a deliberate effort to win the ball when it’s at knee-height.
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