FIFA 16 has revealed that goalies will be getting an upgrade on next-gen consoles

Ten years ago, Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer's rivalry hit the dizzy heights among gaming's greatest. During the last console cycle, however, Konami and PES lost their way, leaving Fifa to overtake and far exceed the quality and success of its adversary. With little rivalry in terms of sales, Fifa flourished where once PES and its near-perfect gameplay was the more popular title.

Back then, the allure of licensed players, clubs and stadia simply wasn't enough in the face of PES's exceptional gameplay. Eventually Fifa worked its way to the top, backing up its realism with great gameplay as PES struggled to find a foothold on the new systems. By the end of the console cycle, it had found its old form but Fifa's sales were insurmountable.

A new gameplay trailer for "FIFA 16" has revealed that goalies will be getting an upgrade on next-gen consoles. The game is scheduled to launch on Sept. 23 in North America and Sept. 26 internationally. A new gameplay trailer for 'FIFA 16' was unveiled on Wednesday during an EA Press Conference at Gamescom earlier this week. The clip is titled "Next Gen Goalies" and focuses on much needed upgrades EA Sports has made for goalkeepers, including 50 new save animations. Polygon also reported that goalies will have realistic save animations and better AI this year. Goalies will also be able to predict trouble and react to shots or passes.

With FIFA 16, they look to be making great strides in this area, rewriting many parts of the goalkeeper’s systems to create something much more realistic. For one thing, the goalkeeper can now change his mind about what he thinks the player and the ball is doing. Before, when he decided to dive, that was it, but now he can recognise that he needs to adjust, and this ties in with the array of new animations and a momentum system so that, even if he dives to the right, he can still try to shift his body and reach back to the left, if the ball is going that way.

In our Gamescom game, we were subject to a deflected goal. Mignolet again started going towards the original trajectory of the ball, but it hit a leg and wildly deflected. He tried to twist in mid-air to get to it, sticking out a leg in the process, but to no avail. And this is only one of many instances and, indeed, features in FIFA 16 on next-generation (we played it on Xbox One) that ensure that this year's edition is a massive leap forward for the franchise. It comes out 26 September for all major consoles and PC, but it's is only the next-gen editions, PS4 and Xbox One, that have the main new feature set.
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