FIFA 16 by Electronic Arts promises players with emotions and intensity

FIFA 16 by Electronic Arts promises players with "emotions and intensity." see players reacting to big moments as they would in real life, unique crowds and new celebrations. There will be more than 600 emotions from players, “upping the intensity of every game.” The crowds will also be distinguished by chants and other unique anthems. Each crowd will have its own unique flavor.

The always online games will be the current trend for this year; fans expect that FIFA 16 includes an Online Multiplayer Career mode in which you will be able to compete with other players. By creating their own game platform for both consoles and PC, players could update their own offline progress to the online mode. The in-game players will also mimic the movement of their real life counterparts more closely. According to the trailer, “Messi, who is predominantly a left-footed player, will visibly prefer that foot” while dribbling.

The game introduces a Beginner setting, which dumbs down the AI to roundabouts the intellectual level of the ball itself. Those who just want to blast through the tournament in a blaze of gratification should probably enable it.

"When you try and cater to opposite ends of the market, there's going to be competing themes," Prior noted. "We think we've done that well in that we've addressed some concerns from the core gamers and those lend themselves well to the casuals. For example, there's the tighter control, less feeling of lag, more responsiveness. It makes the game more controllable and more understandable."

How players receive, pass, touch, and shoot the ball will also affect the ball’s trajectory, and hence have an effect on what the gamer is trying to accomplish. This feature isn’t exactly new, as it was already introduced in FIFA 14, but expect EA to have refined the game mechanic in FIFA 16. Finally, the defensive aspect of the game appears to be “improved,” but may be not all for the better.
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