Every FIFA 16 player is able to use No Touch Dribbling

Defending of FIFA 16 has been improved, and slide tackles have been improved. You can sometimes effectively win the ball back with a slide tackle now, but they do still feel underwhelming however. Slide tackles should be a risk reward factor, it should be a case of having to time it perfectly or receive a booking but if you time it perfectly, you win the ball back in a fast effective satisfying manner and can save you at the last ditch. Slide tackles should have that element of aggressiveness or desperation to win the ball back, imagine the risk of someone being through on goal unless you make that slide tackle knowing if you miss time it you’ll be sent off?
Winning the ball back in a great manner from a slide tackle is immediately tarnished when the ball ricochets back into the attacker or your player fails to take control of the ball after he has just won the ball and loses it. This isn’t in a realistic manner, this is in more of the game being stupid and unresponsive. It's the same dilemma that faces the developers of PES and FIFA. What areas need attention? Are your new features just bullet points for the back of the box, or are they part of a bigger vision that'll keep your game on top in years to come? Having spent considerable time with both of this year's offerings, it's clear which series has woven their new features into the existing framework with the greater care and attention, and with most thought towards the future - and bad news for those that wear the colors of FIFA - it ain't your team.

The stadiums, as always, look great and it seems that EA Sports has got the crowd shots appearing more realistic as opposed to the previous robotic movements. Some of the lighting is a better (not every stadium has the same lighting that they did in the last few versions). You don’t get that at all from FIFA, where as you do with PES this year. FIFA’s siding is so poor in fact that it’s actually hard to deliberately take someone out with a slide, it’s that poor at times. Captured with Messi using motion capture technology, ‘No Touch Dribbling’ allows players to free themselves from the ball to buy time, create separation, feint and blow by defenders just as Messi does when he is at his best - it’s near limitless creativity on the ball!
This, then, is the year a spell of FIFA dominance that has lasted for over half a decade ends; and judging by the way both series are rebuilding, it could be a while before FIFA recaptures its throne. Still, at least there are lots of shiny new toys to play with. So many features are added in FIFA 16. No Touch Dribbling is the greatest addition for FIFA 16. No Touch Dribbling the ball system is the latest ball dribbling, it allows players to decide, since when the ball during this time the FIFA Game player can make a series of technical actions, or reversing or feint. So how to complete a No Touch Dribbling? In FIFA 16, just press L1 or LB button, players can cancel the ball players "sticky ball" state.
As No Touch Dribbling is not considered a skill move, every player is able to use this dribbling approach. The only difference is that players with higher dribbling rating and higher skill move star rating are able to perform No Touch Dribbling in a smoother and more complicated way. Let’s check out Messi’s demonstration of No Touch Dribbling.
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