EA Sports' latest franchise looks set to provide plenty more innovative features

EA Sports' latest franchise looks set to provide plenty more innovative features than its first attempt on the next-gen consoles; broadening their horizons to help get the most from a powerful engine system.

16 years ago FIFA was under direct threat from Pro Evo, with pressure on EA Sports to produce enough innovative features to keep it fresh. Of course, licensing has helped its course over the years but the truth in the matter is the gameplay has always felt smoother, online additions have come quicker, and fans' satisfaction has been higher.

Every detail has been looked upon - giving the player the diverse feeling of a 3pm kick-off - with audio from the grounds sounding sublime.  Commentary and chants have been almost identical throughout the last six or seven FIFA franchises, so this significant step forward should not only give you the feel of a new game, but the sound too.

There were also many signs that the game's biggest new gameplay feature – an overhaul of the goalkeepers – might have a big negative impact. You'll notice the difference instantly.

Goalkeepers now parry rather than catch the ball a lot more often, even in positions when catching it makes more sense. While in real life keepers often punch a ball away that could have been caught, here it happened far too often. It was as though Fifa 16 was keen to show off its new feature, even though it was of little benefit to the player. One goal I conceded was scored by Marco Reus from close distance, tapping it in with little effort as the keeper stood and watched. Not exactly a promising showcase for "next-gen goalkeeping" and a waste of Tim Howard in a motion-capture leotard – as shown proudly at EA's Gamescom press conference.
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