EA Sports is stressing “control and agility” in fifa 16 latest gameplay trailer

A few weeks ahead of the football game’s much-anticipated release, EA Sports has uploaded a new video showing off the improvements to player movement and control.

After showcasing “FIFA 16’”s enhanced visuals, namely through a realer-than-real depiction of Lionel Messi and some intense action scenes, and pointing out the emotional intensity of reactions from players and fans within the game, EA Sports is stressing “control and agility” in its latest gameplay trailer.

But gameplay amendments are there, beginning with elements of last year's effort that the masses decreed too powerful. The overwhelming success of both through balls and headers has been significantly toned down, occasionally to the point of intense frustration. I'm unable to restrict myself to such polite curse words as 'bloody' after nodding over from point blank range for the umpteenth time.

Still, producer Nick Channon willingly listens as I lament these minor frustrations, and acknowledges there's plenty of tuning to do. The version of the game I'm playing is only 55 per cent complete. "We set ourselves up so that new features go in early in the development schedule, giving us lots of time for finesse," he explains.

The most significant improvements however, were made on the pitch as well as its immediate surroundings. The players are now more lean and realistic looking than before – they truly represent the sort of athlete a soccer player is as opposed to a more generic looking player model we may have complained about in the past.

Facial scanning tech has been improved as well and players like Leo Messi or Clint Dempsey look more realistic than they have ever before in a FIFA game. Additional players have been scanned this year as well and while I wasn’t able to get specifics on this, Santiago mentioned that it may have been the most scans the studio has ever done and when I played the game it was clear that the impressive tech has reached new heights. The real life counterparts to Higuaín and Co are nearly indistinguishable from the game this year.
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