EA Sports have put huge effort into giving players memories

EA Sports have put huge effort into giving players "memories", feeding stars with around 600 individual reactions and mannerisms as they enjoy a good or bad game.

The focus this time is on 'emotion and intensity' making you feel the story of a match more. And it's a brilliant revamp. A host of subtle changes make Fifa 16 a treat. From the big, amazingly detailed, build-up before kick-off as we're introduced to the teams, to the full-time movie-like summary's of "what's happened in the match".

The players themselves bring a fair bit of vitality, too, being more lifelike, with over 200 Premier League faces re-scanned. They’re still strangely stylised and not a patch on the pockmarked imperfection of PES' mugs, but at least lesser players now have proper faces.  When players like Messi get running at full speed it’s truly frightening. Leave late or dive in early and you’ll be left for dead. You know, just like what happens every single weekend in real life.

Corner flags are now interactive, wobbling and bobbling when you brush them. Zlatan Ibrahimovi’s signature celebration sees him karate kick it into submission. As an aside, this did lead to a rather strange celebration, one of 10 in the game, along with all-new bench reactions. With all of his teammates sitting around him on the pitch, Rooney "lectured" the side by sternly pointing his finger at each of them. It was a clear rip-off of that classic moment when Hull's Jimmy Bullard poked fun at manager Phil Brown. On the other hand, Rooney's hair has never looked so glorious.

Meanwhile, environmental realism has been stepped up. Every step made by every player will be logged, and the resulting divots will accumulate through the course of a match. In the background, major teams will have contextual celebrations – like Manchester City's borrowed Poznan routine.
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