EA Sports has released a short game footage trailer for FIFA 16 focused on the games visuals

A year has passed since the last FIFA game and I expect a far more refined game coming this September, I fully expect all of the already new features introduced in 14 to be enhanced. Obviously the players likeness will be as good as ever and more of the ‘lesser’ known players will look more life like instead of the many copy and past faces we have seen in the past. Trailers have already shown new features such as the grass being kicked up when a player kicks the ball and even the physics of the ball hitting the back of the net and the woodwork being far more true to life.

EA Sports has released a short game footage trailer for FIFA 16 focused on the games visuals. Much of the trailer is focused on the player builds themselves, with improved tools allowing for even more realistic player models. These player models will also have realistic breathing so you may be able to tell if a team member is getting a bit too tired, and their hair will also move instead of staying in place.

The pitch itself will look like it has been played on as matches progress with boot prints, slide tackle skids, and general wear contribute to the cosmetic visual. As well as the pitch looking worn the kits will also get dirty from grass and mud stains, and the shirts themselves will move as they would in reality .If a players shot hits the crossbar it will rattle and shake the goal, while powerful strikes will move the posts too. The stadium advertising boars will be like the real LED panels, which will change regularly through the game.

Emotion has been the title of one of the early gameplay trailers, the advanced AI is also going to see players react to each other on the pitch from clapping on players when the going gets tough or visibly looking annoyed when a fellow team mate is having a bad game and making silly mistakes. Reactions to goals is also going to be more realistic with last minute winners seeing more passionate celebrations and of course the opposite for a late goal being conceded. The pitch that the game is on will also degenerate over time with each step a play takes on a patch of grass wearing it down, with varying weather conditions either accelerating or slowing down the process.

It’s one facet of a push for greater graphical authenticity that has come through getting better acclimatised with the new console hardware and the Ignite engine, with the stated aim being that you will “feel the game” and be more emotionally invested in a match. Furthering this are more graphical bells and whistles, with footfall and sliding tackles marking the grass accurately over the course of a game – be thankful they didn’t brand this “Pitcholution” – and dynamic lighting from the sun (though no time transitions just yet) and light bloom helping to bring the colours and tone of the image much closer to watching a real life match on the TV.
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