EA Sports has made it clear that it is striving for realism with FIFA 16

FIFA 16 release date is September 26 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, 3DS and Vita. EA says “not all game features are available on all gaming platforms.”

EA Sports has made it clear that it is striving for realism with FIFA 16. In recent weeks, it has revealed that shirt-pulling and player-specific movements are coming to the game, in addition to visible breathing and hair movement. But if you want to play as Brazilian clubs, you're out of luck: EA Sports could not secure enough player licenses to include some teams.

"Even the physics for corner flags and goal frames are correctly implemented. Channon says that the game takes into account the occasion as well as events on the pitch. So while the friendlies I'm playing see both teams kicking off in a 'neutral' emotional state, your lads may be affected positively or negatively by nerves at the outset of an FA Cup semi-final. That might mean them shoving opponents away as early as the first foul of the game - although they'll never do anything to get themselves cautioned or sent off. Again, all this emotion stuff is an entirely visual dynamic.

This comes as a part of a larger deal with the Barclays Premier League, the most competitive soccer league in Great Britain. EA and the Premier League are attempting to create the most realistic representation of the league's teams and stadiums as possible. This includes three-dimensional head scans of 200 Premier League players, broadcast graphics identical to television broadcasts, audio of fans and crowds taken from real-life games, and every Premier League stadium modeled for the game.

Electronic Arts is also counting new and revitalized stadiums as part of those “incredible” visual updates. Stadiums themselves will come alive with FIFA 16 much like they do in Madden NFL 25. FIFA 16 buyers can expect that the grass beneath their player’s feet will swear as each soccer match progresses. Water will spatter as player’s battle for position of each ball. The game’s physics engine has also been tied to different pieces of essential stadium equipment. Posts will move if they’re hit with a ball, and goal nets will animate when a ball is kicked into them.
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