EA made a lot of efforts to improve areas around the pitch in fifa 16

We know that on the pitch improvements are very important for a FIFA game but EA also made a lot of efforts to improve areas around the pitch. Fans are now doing more authentic chanting and celebrating on the stands depending on the team or region, all while the commentators react to them in a more distinct fashion than before as they talk us through the matches.

As with most modern editions of FIFA the pursuit of realism is evident once again, offering more realistic player movements thanks to improvements to biomechanics of the players. Gamers will be able to maintain much closer control over the ball and more accurately reflect the real life players they are based upon. One prime example shown is that of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and how in-game he will now favour that magic left peg of his, just as he does the majority of the time in real life. This fits in well with the EA Sports philosophy of trying to reproduce the personality of the world’s best players in FIFA.

This is feeds into other areas too, with each individual AI player having short, medium and long-term goals based on whether you’re winning or losing. Where the teammate AI is currently concerned with keeping possession, in FIFA 16 it will attempt to beat a defender or look for a telling pass and if you’re winning it’ll even hang back with the ball to snatch a few seconds through time-wasting.

The same goes for opponents. Attackers will remember how many times they have been pushed or fouled by a defender and get in their faces as the game progresses. The fact that players are remembering actions by they teammates and opponents adds a whole different feel to the game. There are less canned interactions and animations this year and the more customized behaviors make FIFA 16 feel like a real match at times. Even though players do not remember games and actions taken on the pitch over the time of the season yet, it is certainly something that is in the words over at EA Sports, says Santiago.

After the strong emphasis on the feel of the game with the last trailer it was nice to get a proper feel of the actual gameplay with this one. The trailer showcases a number of technically proficient stars such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla in a bid to demonstrate the close control of FIFA 16. Clearly the game won’t handle the same using the likes of Marouane Fellaini.
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