EA have done a real good job on the stadium sounds in FIFA 16

FIFA is back and games like this are often criticized for lack of innovation in between instalments but what do we really want? It’s football and Fifa gets better every year in my option, this time Women are IN THE GAME. You’ll be able to compete as 12 Women’s National Teams, for the first time in the FIFA franchise, FIFA 16 delivers a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play like you’ve never played before. You’ll be able to compete at a higher level. Confidence is key in the new Defending, You’ll be able to take Control in Midfield with the new passing moves that makes it harder to find that right ball to the strikers.
However, I’m not ready to fully switch my allegiance just yet - partly because the two games can co-exist and can both be enjoyed for different reasons (if there was ever a PES-Fifa merger sometime it would be pretty great), but mainly because Fifa still offers a very good game of football. EA’s old master has much tougher competition than it’s had in a while but it’s far from being beaten. EA’s response to the fiercer fight for supremacy has been to continue doing exactly the same thing it’s done for years to justify each new annual release of its big-selling franchise - namely making enough improvements on and off the pitch to evolve the game without revolutionizing anything.

In terms of what else has changed since last year, the Ignite Engine has had a slight overhaul. EA copped a lot of criticism from players last year about the rag-doll physics and unrealistic ways that players crumpled to the turf after tackles. Although the physics somewhat remain, a lot of the concerns have been addressed in this year's game. An interesting addition is that after particular hard challenges players will writhe around in pain before slowly getting up or staying down injured. It's about a 50/50 as to whether an injury occurs. Previously if a player stayed down, you knew an injury had occurred but now that's not necessarily the case. As well as this, the Xbox controller will vibrate during crunching challenges as well bringing how the physical nature of the sport.
EA have done a real good job on the stadium sounds as well, the crowds sound more authentic and have more chants for games, they even pop up with little player chants when he/she is playing really well… that’s if the player has one, being a lifelong Chelsea fan I noticed little chants that I hear week in week out for the likes of Costa and hazard, these little touches are quality for me. More added improvements are the addition of the women’s international teams, i think it’s a good addition although i personally don’t use them in the game as I don’t like the way they play it’s not because they’re female athletes it’s just a personal preference i’m all for female engagement in sports but I simply prefer using the club teams, their movement seems sluggish, ball physics just don’t feel right to me.
Career Mode has had a very minor facelift, the only real difference to the format being the introduction of those pointless pre-season friendly tournaments that Premier League teams try to make out actually mean something. In the game they do offer some prize money, which could be crucial to lower league teams. More importantly you can now make more than three substitutions in a non-competitive game, allowing you to rotate your squad before getting down to business. It sometimes makes playing FIFA more frustrating, but as a result it’s more rewarding when things click and you pull off a neat passing move to scythe through an opposition’s back four.
A few days ago, EA also provided the full list of stadiums that will be available in FIFA 16, featuring nine new inclusions compared to last year’s release. The Premier League’s three newly promoted teams see their pitches feature, while the teams who were relegated last season still maintain their presence on the roster. Portsmouth’s Fratton Park will also be available, included as a tribute to lifetime Portsmouth fan and FIFA creative designer Simon Humber, who sadly passed away earlier this year.
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