EA has implemented a bottom to top approach in fifa 16

Since EA Sports releases a version of FIFA each year, veteran players have little trouble adapting to the handful of new features and essentially picking up right where they left off. Such is not the case with FIFA 16. The plethora of enhancements make it difficult to seamlessly transition from FIFA 15, as EA retouched so many aspects of the gameplay. If you’re a longtime FIFA player looking to take advantage of everything this title has to offer, we have the biggest gameplay tweaks you’ll see on the pitch. First up is No Touch Dribbling System, which allows you to manipulate a player’s body separate from the ball. This lets you fake defenders without making contact with the ball. 
Now we’ll go over finesse. Should one of your players approach from a tight angle and you notice the ball on his or her strongest foot, press either R1 or RB to launch into a finesse shot. This player will strike the ball using the inside of his or her foot, resulting in side spin and a wider angle to pass around the keeper; if done correctly, the ball will go towards the furthest corner of the net. It works best when the player runs horizontal to the goalkeeper’s face, allowing for maximum curve on the ball. You may also catch the keeper napping outside of the goal. If you notice a keeper cheating the angle of a shot when you are outside the box, fill the power meter to three bars with finesse activated and hit a high curving shot over his hands into the far post upper 90.

However, laying female skins over male skeletons didn’t just feel right for the devs. According to Rutter, it would have been disappointing if they “just put female faces on male players”. To ensure that the end product looks, and moves, just right - from basic player movement to celebration animations, EA has implemented a bottom-to-top approach. “We’ve flown our head capture team around the world to capture the faces and the heads of the athletes, [and] they’ve been treated in exactly the same way as Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City,” adds Rutter. “We rebuilt the animation rig to support the different dimensions and proportions of a woman’s body […] and then applied that motion capture skeleton to those very believable bodies to make sure that the standing, walking, jogging, sprinting, passing, shooting, is actually women animation rather than male animation.”
Playing as a female footballer is only an optional mode in Fifa 16. Player has a choice whether they want to open their eyes to the world of female football or not. Also, the majority of the game modes still focuses on male national and international teams. “It’s the same way if you don’t like Spanish football, you don’t have to go and play with the Spanish teams. If you don’t want to play with women players, then you don’t have to go and play with women players,” says Rutter. Whether more MLS stadiums will be included in FIFA 16 this year, there is no official confirmation from EA Sports themselves. However, MLS fans that are also eager FIFA gamers have made major complaints over the years that MLS venues in the hit video game are proven lacking. Only the Vancouver Whitecaps’ BC Place is currently available to be played in.
Do not ignore your youth squad players as well. The main objectives of training between matches are to make sure you have a strong substitute to replace your starting members whenever they face unexpected problems such as getting stupid red card or injury. Or make your team a breeding ground for budding stars of world football, eventually transforming your club into the next Barcelona. The story of your club’s season will be fully immersive in FIFA 16. Transfer rumors, team performances, and notable players are just some of the key story lines that commentators can remark on. The wider context of league standings will be referenced upon, and interesting team stats for matches will be picked up by in-game graphics and commentaries.
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