EA has greatly improved the keepers in FIFA 16

The FIFA 16 release date delivered access to the much improved FIFA game on consoles and PC, with a lot of exciting new features and upgrades, but there are a collection of FIFA 16 problems frustrating gamers who simply want to play the new FIFA game. Join us for a fast look at common FIFA 16 problems and when possible the fixes for these problems that you can do right now to get back to playing. Slide tackles have always been fairly few and far between in pro games of FIFA. While they can win you the ball back, more often than not, it will leave you with a player out of position and the opponents in possession - or worse, you could give away a free kick. However one feature being added to FIFA 16 could easily change that, as now you can re-press the slide tackle button once the animation has started, and your player will get back up out of the slide in one continuous movement, using the momentum to keep most of their speed.
One complaint many people had with last years outing was that there was too much focus on the attacking play, and while the development team has spent a lot of time working on the midfield and defence, they have also improved the play in the final third as well. There’s a whole host of new features added to finishing that mean we will be seeing some of the best goals ever in pro FIFA. Shots in FIFA 16 are strong but not too strong, so we decided to only slightly lower their speed. Shots grow weaker the lower this value is. In this regard, both the player, and the CPU, seemed balanced. As with shooting, the passing only needs a light touch to improve the game's pacing. In the World Class difficulty, it seems that the CPU's passing is slightly higher than the players, so we decided to balance things out by reducing it an extra point.

EA has greatly improved the keepers in FIFA 16, and in fact, they sometimes make some truly impossible saves. In our view, they are too good, but with no advantage to the player or CPU. That is why we lowered the values on both, so that the goalkeeper is less effective but also more realistic. Get to know your team. Its weaknesses and strengths, and compare them to those of your opponent. Imagine you have a 3 star team and you are playing against a 5 star team. It would not be wise to play with two strikers up front, since this will leave your midfield unprotected. If you don't have great confidence in your defenders and midfielders, try more conservative tactics and strategies. Play more defensive midfielders and try to exploit fast counterattacks. And even if you are the one with a 5 star team, don't think you can play recklessly. A strengthened midfield is essential for any team, and it is the start of a good defence.
Sometimes, you simply do not have any option of eliminating the threat in your penalty area in a controlled way - then, without lingering, send the ball out of your penalty area by quickly kicking it out of the danger zone. To execute this technique, press the shot, or the cross button. At the same time, try not to knock the ball into the area ahead of the goal - this may end in the opponent's taking the "first ball" and scoring - this kind of play is really dangerous. It’s a strategic sport — a game of chess being played between 22 players on a huge grass field. FIFA 16 captures that feeling better than any installment in franchise history. The problem is, chess is not incredibly popular among today’s video game crowd. We see series such as Call of Duty becoming more high-flying every year and far less strategic.
In the sports world, we see leagues like the NFL constantly tweaking the rules in favor of the offense so the fans will see more scoring. Perhaps this is a product of a generation’s constant overexposure to various stimuli. Go for a balance between speed and strength. Remaining versatile keeps your opponent guessing, whereas using just one tactic will allow your opponents to read your play. If you have both strength and speed in your arsenal, your opponent won't know what you'll use. This unknown factor will benefit you massively. If you prefer offensive style, there are some options for you in FIFA 16. Formations such as 3-4-4 or 4-3-3 are very good and certainly recommend. Depending on what you play, whether the Career Mode or Ultimate Team, you can look around in the transfer market for young talents for these positions. The young players are often cheap but bring great potential.
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