Android and iOS users may be lucky since it is expected that FIFA 16 will be free in these platforms

We know that on the pitch improvements are very important for a FIFA game but EA also made a lot of efforts to improve areas around the pitch. Fans are now doing more authentic chanting and celebrating on the stands depending on the team or region, all while the commentators react to them in a more distinct fashion than before as they talk us through the matches.

Speaking of players, they’ve never appeared more realistic, not only in the way EA modelled their faces, but also the emotions they display. Each of the 22 active players react to what happens on the field, be it scoring a goal, receiving a red card or being on the business end of a dirty move; there are more than 600 emotional responses in FIFA 16. For example, a player repeatedly fouled by a rival may eventually get in that person’s face, which is something we don’t often see in sports games, the fire ignited by heated competition.

Android and iOS users may be lucky since it is expected that FIFA 16 will be free in these platforms. EA will use advertising, like they already done in the last SimCity. Last year, FIFA 14 was released at September 24 in North America, September 26 in Australia and September 27 in Europe. The game was sold in Brazilian stores only at October 3rd.

We remind you that the FIFA 16 release dates indicated in this article are merely indicative. Currently, there is not any official confirmation of when it will be possible to play FIFA 16. Last year, EA Sports have announced the FIFA 14 release date at May 23rd. So, they will do it for FIFA 16 very soon. We will keep you updated on this subject.
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