Ability to see others FIFA teams activity would be a welcome addition

At times fifa 16 can shine, some of the goals you can score can be very satisfying. Shots feel more varied and refined than last year and I like that. Passing is slightly more responsive now and the moves you can make is better than last year. Crossing is more effective, most notably the double tap cross button. Heading seems to be a good balance of not being too easy or difficult to win headers. Physical play feels very prevalent in this years FIFA, it seems to be a bigger factor than pace and pace feels less important than it ever has on fifa which is a good thing, it adds a different dynamic to the players now, the game is not just all about pace.
I loan spell would work well for the pair and it’s up to you whether you list them for a one or a two year spell. Hopefully the players will both return as a near to a 75 rating as possible and then you can start to better them through training and a run in the first team side. Player preferences could also be incorporated into transfers, for example a Barcelona player would be very unlikely to sign for Real Madrid and a one club player like John Terry would be very reluctant to move elsewhere. Ability to see others teams activity would also be a welcome addition. One thing that Football Manager and other management sims do really well is the financial side of the game, which to be fair is a hugely significant part of modern day soccer. In FIFA 15, wage and transfer budgets are the main two things to keep track of, which is a little over-simplified.

You can also search for give aways but the most common solution would be to buy packs with FIFA Points or coins with money. Those of you who follow us know that we never recommend you to buy FIFA Points but if there is a good moment to do it, the best moment is at the beginning of the game. The chances of getting a good card are the same, but their prices will go up one to two weeks later when there is more cash flow in the market and the Prices Ranges go up. At this stage of the game you never should buy packs with coins. This method isn't for the rich. It's for those of you that have next to nothing. Make an account using this web app and go to the auction. Search for all fitness cards with a buy-now price of 250 coins.
You will see that there are anywhere from one to ten of these cards at any given time. Buy them all. People don't realize that fitness cards sell for much more in this game than they have in other games. This means that you can buy fitness cards and sell them for 450 or 500 coins and make a very good profit. All of these changes work in tandem to do what EA Sports has mastered with their FIFA series - provide football fans with the parts of football they like to see most. It’s clear from the way the game is built that it understands that players want to see the pinpoint chipped through ball from Bastian Schweinsteiger or David Silva, that they want to be able to hit the 40-yard bullet of a shot with Zlatan Ibrahimovi or Ivan Rakiti, and that they want to be able to fool defenders with the trickery of Lionel Messi or Arjen Robben.
It may not be perfect - all these things take a relative amount of skill and practice to execute properly - but when everything comes together it does so in a way that is incredibly smooth to play and watch. One big improvement that I noticed is the slide-tackle animations. EA Sports stated that they were trying to improve them so we wouldn’t see so many canned animations. They were correct but the collision detection for the demo is a mess. What really frustrated me is the number of times when there was a loose ball, the AI would react poorly to get to it especially if it was in the box waiting for someone to score. This also was the worst part of the demo (which I hope they fix before releasing) in that there were too many times when defenders reacted poorly to balls being played in the box. Instead of sensible headers to clear the ball, I saw defenders trying to bring the ball in and pass. Instead of goalkeepers grabbing the ball, they tried to punch it out.
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